What Percentage of Football Matches End 0-0?

Soccer ball on a football pitch and a 0-0 score

A common question among football traders is, how many football matches end 0-0?

Using Team Stats Trends within the Goal Profits Members Area, this is dead easy to answer. And it throws up some interesting facts too.

2014/15 Season

During the 2014/15 season, the percentage of football matches which ended 0-0 was 8.1%.

This figure was the average from all 46 winter leagues covered by our Team Statistics software; everything from the English Premier League to the Australian A League and many in between.

The league with the lowest number of full-time 0-0 results was the Qatari Stars League with just 3.8%, followed by Scottish Premiership (3.9%), Dutch Jupiler (4.7%), English National League South (4.8%) and Chilean Primera (4.9%).

At the other end of the scale, the league with the highest number of full-time 0-0 results was the Ukrainian Premier League at a whopping 13.9%. Next highest was Italy's Serie B (12.6%), then Egyptian Division 1 (12.5%), Romanian Liga 1 (12.4%) and Spanish Segunda (11.7%).

8.2% of English Premier League matches ended 0-0, with the English Championship finishing with exactly the same number.

Here is how the other top European leagues fared:

  • 5.2% Dutch Eredivisie
  • ​7.9% Italian Serie A
  • ​7.9% Spanish Primera
  • 8.9% French Ligue 1
  • 9.2% German Bundesliga
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The Last Decade

The lowest percentage of football matches ending 0-0 over an entire season during the last decade was in 2008/09 when Chile's Primera had just 1.9%.

The highest percentage of 0-0 draws was seen in the Egyptian Division 1 in 2013/14 which ended with a massive 17.7%.

The English Premier League over the past ten years has seen a low of 6.6% in 2010/11 and a high of 11.1% in 2008/09 so it's not very consistent.

The average for all 46 leagues over the past decade has been between 7.5% and 8.6% which is definitely steadier. Quite amazing when you consider how individual leagues vary from season to season.

Here is the full list:

  • 8.6% 2005/06
  • ​8.6% 2006/07
  • ​8.2% 2007/08
  • ​8.1% 2008/09
  • ​8.2% 2009/10
  • ​7.9% 2010/11
  • ​8.4% 2011/12
  • ​7.5% 2012/13
  • 7.7% 2013/14
  • 8.1% 2014/15
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2015/16 Season

At the time of writing, the 2015/16 season has seen an average of 7.4% of matches ending 0-0. The Swiss Super League is at an extremely low 1.9% which could equal the ten year record low.

The highest percentage of football matches ending 0-0 this season so far has been 15.4% in Germany's 3 Liga. When you consider that only 6.3% of their matches ended 0-0 during the previous season, you can see just how erratic the 0-0 stats are.

Is it Worth Laying 0-0?

Goal Profits member Helge has been able to secure a long-term profit by laying 0-0 during matches, but trading out for a controlled loss if the score is still 0-0 at a certain point.

Could you lay 0-0 as a straight bet and make a long-term profit?

I really don't think so.

As you have already seen, the stats are very erratic which is why we always trade football matches.

Even Barcelona have 0-0 draws so you need to think about managing your liability and not relying on Lionel Messi to stick one away (or Neymar.. or Suarez...)

Managing your trading bank is vital, so avoid those huge risks.​

Espanyol v Barcelona 0-0 draw in the Spanish Primera
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    1. Hi John

      Sorry for the delayed reply, we had to dig into the database to find the answer for you.

      Out of almost 200,000 games in our database, 41,610 were 0-0 at 60′ and 15,884 of those went on to finish 0-0.

    1. I don’t know of any websites which provide that info. Our Team Stats software looks at first goal times and goal scoring/conceding windows, but not in too much detail as goals are fairly random events with regard to timing. You can predict it to some extent, but it’s quite hit and miss.

  1. I was just wondering based on the previous question.
    What percentage of the 200,000 matches on your database were 0-0 at 75 mins?
    How many of them went on to end goaless?


    1. Hi Stephen

      That would take some Excel detective work! I have calculated all sorts of figures before based on first and second halves, but I don’t narrow time down any more than that.

  2. Do you have any statistics on a team having two consecutive 0-0 draws? I’d estimate the chances of that happening to be around 1% at most, assuming matches to be independent events (in statistical terminology)

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