At Goal Profits, we have decades of football trading experience and we're passionate about winning.

We've won multiple awards for our Betfair football trading community, but who are we? And how did we get here?

Welcome to Goal Profits, the world's first football trading community.

Since 2011, Goal Profits has been the most respected name in football trading.

We have developed award-winning research and trading tools, a complete course for beginners and we pride ourselves on outstanding guidance and support.

Goal Profits football trading community awards 2014-2018

The Goal Profits team has more than 75 years of football trading experience!

We're also in the unique position of being able to draw on the experience of an ex-professional footballer who played for his country and has managed at National League level.

Meet the Goal Profits Team

Steve Brown, Goal Profits Founder

Steve Brown, Goal Profits Founder

I was born and raised in Bournemouth, so became a lifelong Cherries fan. This was long before AFC Bournemouth enjoyed Premier League football!

Workwise, I was employed by BP for fifteen years. I worked my way up through the company and held a number of Head Office roles.

Initially, I was the main football trader at Goal Profits. As the team has grown, however, my role has transitioned more into development of our research and trading tools, strategies and training.

I do still trade football and I spend a lot of time sharing my experience with members via the 'Trading Blog'.

Kevin Laverick, Football Trader

Kevin Laverick, Football Trader

I'm a proud Yorkshireman who played football at an amateur level from sixteen until forty years old, then had around eight years as a trainer and manager.

By profession, I was a Chartered Surveyor with a degree in Pure Maths and Statistics. I took redundancy in my late forties and started trading on Betfair.

I joined Steve at Goal Profits in 2012. My trading and mathematical experience was instrumental in the development of trading tools, strategies and value algorithms.

Making a living from football trading has become second nature and it's the most wonderful job in the world!

Brian Stock, Football Consultant

Brian Stock, Football Consultant

I enjoyed a long professional football career, playing for AFC Bournemouth, Preston North End, Doncaster Rovers, Burnley and Havant & Waterlooville.

As a player, I won promotion from the EFL Championship, League One, League Two, National League South and the Ryman Premier League.

I won 4 caps for Wales U21 and 3 full international caps against Russia, Croatia and Luxembourg.

After a spell of management in the National League, I joined Goal Profits as Football Consultant. My role includes sharing my footballing experience with the Goal Profits community and providing support to members. 

Tim Rouse, Football Trader

Tim Rouse, Football Trader

I'm a lifelong Wolves fan and season ticket holder, following the team around the country. I'm also a keen follower of Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

My primary career was in the sports travel industry. I've been lucky enough to see the world, plus work with the likes of Usain Bolt and Anthony Joshua.

I joined Goal Profits as a member in its very early days and then became a member of the team in 2023.

The Goal Profits Academy taught me how to trade football profitably. I follow the strategies closely, record the results and share my experiences with members via 'Tim's Diary' to help them learn to do the same.

Bryn Roberts, Football Trader

Bryn Roberts, Football Trader

I'm a very proud Welshman; my first language is Welsh and my first love is rugby! I joined the Fire Service in 1991 and serve as a (part-time) Crew Manager.

In memory of my late father who died from cardiac arrest, I set up and run a charity that raises money to install defibrillators in small local communities.

Since attending one of Steve's workshops in 2016, football trading has become a major part of my income. 

My trading portfolio is varied and I particularly enjoy using the highly profitable Assured Soccer Profits system. I spend a lot of my free time supporting members, sharing my experience of learning how to trade from scratch.

Paul Gillman, Football Trader

Paul Gillman, football trader

I was born in London, but have lived in Bournemouth most of my life. The beach is my favourite place and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

I have had many professions over the years. I have a great passion for combat sports and very much enjoyed my time as a boxing and Thai boxing instructor.

I joined the Goal Profits team in 2018. While I very much enjoy trading, I've also become a 'set-and-forget' football betting specialist. I have great success using the Live Value Shortlists tool at Trade Your Bets to find profitable bets.

Laura Turner, Betting System Reviewer

Laura Turner, Betting System Reviewer

I'm originally from the Shropshire countryside, but I decided to head towards the bright lights of London where I've been living for the past few years.

I previously worked at Aston Martin, before becoming a mature student of Computer Science at university. That was quite the career change!

During this time, I came across matched betting as a way of making an extra income. After exhausting my bookie accounts, I moved on to football trading and soon discovered Goal Profits.

Since 2015, I have been running the 'Betting System Review' part of the website. I carry out fully independent reviews of betting and trading systems, tracking results and giving my honest feedback.

The History of Goal Profits

Steve Brown, Goal Profits Founder

Steve Brown, Goal Profits Founder

Back in 2011 when the internet was swamped with dodgy tipsters, I set about building something new and different.

My goal was to show ordinary people - like you and me - how to win on Betfair. Fast forward to today and Goal Profits is a huge success story!

It's helped many traders find success and more are joining them daily.

Back in the day, I kept spreadsheets of football data. I manually updated results, goal times and all sorts of other stats each day for a dozen leagues. It took a lot of time and (because it was insanely boring) was prone to error.

For a bit of excitement, I entered a tipping competition - and won! The guy who ran it asked if I would like to start a football trading tips service and I agreed to give it a go.

Goal Profits was born on 26th September, 2011.

Previously, I had fallen into the trap of buying football betting systems and following various tipster services.

Most betting websites back then were peddling PDF files promising "football trading secrets" or other rubbish. I knew that Goal Profits had to be different in order to truly help people achieve what they wanted from trading.

Team Stats

As the Goal Profits community grew, so did my ambition. I wanted access to accurate stats in many more worldwide leagues, but I couldn't produce that many by doing it all manually.

There were a number of free football stats websites online, but none of them catered for professional football traders (and still don't). They're run by marketers, not traders, and are plastered with ads.

After Kevin Laverick joined Goal Profits in 2012, we put our heads together and set about developing software that would do all the manual work for us.

Rather than simply automate what we were already doing, however, we were very ambitious! We brainstormed for weeks to create the ultimate wishlist for football stats software, then worked out how to build it.

The initial Team Stats development was incredibly expensive, but it revolutionised the way that Goal Profits members approached football trading.

It covered many more leagues than we could have ever managed manually, provided far more information and, crucially, it was in a format designed specifically for Betfair traders which cut research time dramatically.

Lincoln City v Guiseley Team Stats

A screenshot of Team Stats in its early days

Our unique and exclusive Team Stats software has continued to grow ever since.

It's now a fully functional research tool, capable of identifying selections automatically each day for all of the Goal Profits football trading strategies.

A man looking at Team Stats on his laptop

It builds and compares hundreds of league tables daily, identifies profitable trading opportunities that everyone else misses, analyses long-term trends all over the world, even tracks in-play stats as games are played.

Team Stats has completely changed the way football trading is approached, giving Goal Profits members a huge advantage over everyone else on Betfair.

Just a note to say that the new Team Stats is absolutely awesome. I really couldn't see how you could improve on the previous version but, somehow, you have managed it. It's super slick and saves lots of time. GP is the best trading site out there by a country mile. Nothing comes close.


Goal Profits Member

Goal Profits Academy

With so many resources now available, new members were feeling overwhelmed!

To fix this, I created the 'Goal Profits Academy'. It's a complete football trading course that introduces the trading tools one by one and teaches complete beginners how to build and operate their own portfolio of systems.

It is completely free for all Goal Profits members (fully updated for 2024) and immediately transformed the fortunes of a number of members who had previously been falling short of their football trading goals.

Goal Profits Academy courses

In addition to this, of course, the Goal Profits team is available 7 days a week to help and support all members, whether they are complete beginners or more experienced traders in need of some guidance.

Award-Winning Football Trading Community

Goal Profits has won numerous awards since 2014, most of them voted for by the general public.

We've won "Best Football System", "Best Trading System" and even "Best Product" which ranks Goal Profits as the best betting or trading product available anywhere online.

Goal Profits football trading community awards 2014-2018

We regularly receive emails from members to say that we're head and shoulders above any other community out there and we aim to keep it that way.

Our highly experienced team works full-time supporting members, plus Kevin and I are readily available to help and support everyone as they learn how to trade properly.

I can honestly say that I am blown away by the experience so far. From what I have seen, you have an incredible level of support, an unrivalled statistical information service and a fantastic 'newbie' training program. And all of this seems to be cutting edge and continually growing.

I feel like I have joined a family of like-minded individuals who are all dedicated to a common interest, which is very comforting for a 'newbie' like myself. I also really appreciate some of the mindset advice which is featured.

Anyway, I just wanted to say keep up the good work and you’ve probably got yourself a lifetime member with me. I will also be recommending Goal Profits to my friends.


Goal Profits Member

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