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Written by Steve Brown

Computer screens showing live stats

It's easy to keep an eye on dozens of football matches all at once with our revolutionary Live Stats Module.

In the past, you had to be sat at your screen for hours on end, continuously scribbling down numbers and trying to work out where the action was. All of this left you struggling for the time to actually trade.

Our Live Stats Module (LSM) automatically tracks all the in-play action including shots, corners, dangerous attacks, possession, latest score, Betfair prices, time added by the referee and even attacking or defensive substitutions.

It then calculates a unique Rating based on what has happened during the previous 10 minutes of in-play action. This allows you to see at-a-glance which teams are on the attack.

The LSM will also alert you via Telegram or email whenever a game you're interested in meets certain criteria. No more sitting in front of a screen, waiting and wasting time.

It is browser-based too so there's nothing to download, install or update. The LSM works perfectly on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

You will get full and unlimited access to the Live Stats Module when you become a Goal Profits member today.

The Live Stats Module in Action

This an example of the 'LIVE Games' tab. You can see a number of games are currently being played and each of them has information which tells you what is happening.

In the 'Current Half' section you can see stats for each game so far; shots on target, shots off target, shots blocked, shots inside the penalty area, shots outside the penalty area, corners, dangerous attacks and possession.

The 'Last 10 Minutes' section then shows similar information, but for the previous 10 minutes of play.

The 'Rating' in this section is calculated from the last 10 minutes of in-play stats, plus some seasonal indicators. When certain conditions are met, the Rating is highlighted yellow to show that a team is attacking and green when a team is attacking hard.

Live Stats Module (LSM) 'LIVE Games' tab.

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Next to some team names you will see a yellow or red warning triangle. These signify that there has been a recent change of Head Coach, so be careful as the team may perform differently.

Teams often bring in a new Head Coach because of poor performance. His first task is usually to try and tighten things up in defence and a couple of clean sheets is ideal for him... but not necessarily for you when you're trading goals.

Live Stats Module (LSM) new Head Coach information.

When substitutions occur, you will see them displayed in the 'Alerts' column. They're coloured green for attacking substitutions, red for defensive changes and blue when it's a life-for-like swap.

In the 'Alerts' column there are a number of icons.

Firstly, there's a pencil icon. This allows you to add your own notes to each fixture, very useful on busy trading days. You can even colour your notes in different colours, perhaps blue for potential first half trades and green for second half trades.

Live Stats Module (LSM) 'Note' feature

The blue 'i' (information) icon opens a pop-up that contains a huge amount of information about the fixture.

Firstly, the 'In-Play Events' tab shows information about goals, substitutions, yellow and red cards, VAR decisions, etc. You can also click on links to the official Twitter (X) page for each team to check on team news and other in-play events.

Live Stats Module (LSM) 'In-Play Events'

The second tab shows stats split into first and second half, plus a 'Rating Tracker' so you can spot sustained pressure.

Live Stats Module (LSM) 'Stats'

The third tab displays pre-game information such as prices, market liquidity and any potential trades that the fixture qualified for.

Live Stats Module (LSM) 'Pre-Game' information

The 'Key Players' tab is very useful.

It displays the players in each team who have scored the most goals and provided the most assists.

Especially in the smaller leagues when teams often rely on a star player or two, you need to know that they are playing before you can decide to trade with confidence.

Live Stats Module (LSM) 'Key Players'

The final tab contains the team line-ups.

Live Stats Module (LSM) 'Line-Ups'

You can also view a pop-up version of the 'Rating Tracker' by clicking the graph icon in the 'Alerts' column.

Live Stats Module (LSM) Rating Tracker

Finally, there are icons that display Betfair prices and our own 'Projections'.

Prices are imported from Betfair and regularly updated for the Match Odds and Over/Under 2.5 Goals markets.

Projections are determined by the 300,000+ historical results held in the Team Stats Database. Before kick-off, the LSM asks the Database how many games in this particular league and between the same strength teams ended in a home win, draw, away win, over and under 2.5 goals.

Once the game kicks off, Projections are recalculated every minute and include the current score as well as time played.

Using Quick Filters

Within the LIVE Games tab you can set various 'Quick Filters'.

For example, you may wish to see all games which are currently in the first half.

Live Stats Module (LSM) Quick Filters

Alternatively, you may wish to see a list of games which currently qualify for our 'FHH' strategy or in which the home favourite is 0-1 down.

Live Stats Module (LSM) Quick Filters

Using Pro Filters

The check boxes on the left will add a fixture to the 'My Games' tab.

This is especially useful on busy days when you wish to concentrate on particular games. It's also very helpful if you get tempted into silly trades and you wish to ignore everything else going on.

Live Stats Module (LSM) 'My Games' tab

The 'My Games' tab also features 'Pro Filters' which are much more customisable than the Quick Filters I showed you before.

There are a huge range of filters, both pre-match and in-play. For example, you may wish to see all games in which the home team were priced below 2.00 at kick-off and which are currently 0-1 down after 60 minutes has been played.

You could also specify that their Rating for the last 10 minutes is more than 12 so you know that they're actively trying to equalise.

Live Stats Module (LSM) Pro Filters

You can set up to 10 different sets of Pro Filters.

Live Stats Module (LSM) Pro Filter sets

Telegram and Email Alerts

You can choose to be alerted by either email or Telegram (a free messaging app that works on any device) when a game qualifies for a Quick Filter or one of your Pro Filters.

Live Stats Module (LSM) Pro Filters Telegram alert

As you can imagine, this is a very popular feature as it allows you to get on with your life while the LSM does all the hard work.

Examples of In-Play Trades

The most common use for the Live Stats Module is to verify potential trades. For example, if you have your eye on a possible second half lay the draw trade, you need to see at least one of the teams actively trying to score a goal before you put your hard-earned money at risk.

Similarly, if you're planning to back a team to win, then you need that team to show attacking intent or you will move on to a different trade.

However, the LSM also throws up opportunities that Most football traders would not normally spot.

In this game, Paderborn were attacking incredibly hard. You can see that their Rating is 35 and coloured green. A quick check of Team Stats showed me that Paderborn had scored in 9/10 home games this season, while Heidenheim had conceded in 8/9 away games.

Live Stats Module example (Paderborn v Heidenheim): Rating is 35-2

I layed Under 1.5 First Half Goals at 1.13, risking £13.27 for a potential profit of £100 after commission.

Live Stats Module example (Paderborn v Heidenheim): Betfair market

Paderborn equalised on 45+2' and I banked a very easy 754% ROI within a few minutes.

Live Stats Module example (Paderborn v Heidenheim): Paderborn equalise

Another game in Germany, this time it's Schalke v Dortmund. The LSM alerted me to the fact that Schalke had substituted their goalkeeper so I layed Under 1.5 First Half Goals, risking £5.61 for a potential profit of £50 after commission.

Dortmund scored on 42' and 45' for another simple profit at 891% ROI.

Live Stats Module example (Schalke v Dortmund): Goalkeeper substitution
Live Stats Module example (Schalke v Dortmund): Betfair profit

This was a trade in French Ligue 2. Guingamp had been slight favourites going into the game, but found themselves 0-2 down.

The LSM alerted me to three attacking substitutions all at once, which left me in no doubt that Guingamp were going all out attack!

Live Stats Module example (Guingamp v Caen): Three attacking substitutions

I layed Caen at 1.11 and backed Guingamp at 70.00 for £1, just in case they turned it right around.

Live Stats Module example (Guingamp v Caen): Betfair trade opened
Live Stats Module example (Guingamp v Caen): Betfair trade opened

Less than 10 minutes later, the score was 2-2!

Live Stats Module example (Guingamp v Caen): Guingamp equalise

I equalised the profit in the Match Odds market, locking in 665% ROI and the possibility of much more.

Live Stats Module example (Guingamp v Caen): Betfair profit

Guingamp had a winning goal disallowed near the end of the game, but I was still delighted with my profit.

There are so many ways to make a profit with our Live Stats Module, especially when combined with the rest of Team Stats. If you're looking for a particular team to score and the LSM shows you that they're attacking hard, it adds confidence to your trade.

Our Live Stats Module is the best in-play stats tracker available anywhere online. Whether you're a complete beginner or full-time professional, this is the one in-play trading tool you simply cannot do without.

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