A football on top of coin stacks, with a profit graph in the background

Betting Bank Management: How to Grow Your Money Safely

Betting bank management is an essential part of professional football trading. Here's how to secure your hard-earned money, then grow it safely over time.

Your Complete Guide to Trading Football for a Living

Here is your complete guide to trading football for a living. Plan your journey from betting beginner to professional Betfair trader and then make it happen!

Tablet on a desk with a betting exchange open, next to a laptop and cup of coffee.

How Does Betfair Work? Betting Exchanges Explained in Full

Betting exchanges explained in full, including: What does back and lay mean? How does Betfair calculate commission? How does Betfair's Premium Charge work?

The Smarkets betting exchange logo on a green background.

Smarkets Betting Exchange: An Innovative Rival to Betfair

Betfair takes the crown when it comes to betting exchanges, but the Smarkets Betting Exchange has been a brilliant alternative since launching in February 2010.

The Betfair logo, on the well known orange brand colour.

Betfair Sportsbook and Exchange: Turning Bets into Trades

The Betfair sportsbook and exchange is essential for matched bettors and professional football traders alike. Discover what makes it the best betting exchange.

Awards won by Goal Profits football trading community

Goal Profits Awards: Best Football Trading System & 11 More

Goal Profits has won many awards since 2014, including Best Football Trading System and Best Betting Product. Here is the complete list of our awards.

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BETDAQ Betting Exchange: Can it Challenge Betfair?

The BETDAQ betting exchange set out to challenge Betfair's dominance, but Smarkets and Matchbook have since joined the party. Can Ladbrokes finish the job?

Betting exchanges: Betfair, Matchbook, Betdaq and Smarkets.

Complete Betting Exchanges List: Start Trading Today!

Here is a complete list of betting exchanges available in the UK. While Smarkets, Matchbook and Betdaq often charge less commission, Betfair is still the best.

The Matchbook.com betting exchange logo on a plain red background.

Matchbook Betting Exchange: Cheaper Commission & Reliable

Betfair still leads the way, but the Matchbook betting exchange offers a quality service (with just 1.5% commission) if you're looking to maximise your profits.

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How to Win with Inplay Football Trading on Betfair

Inplay football trading is one of the most popular ways to trade football on Betfair. I explain how to get started and introduce you to our Live Trading Module.

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Live Stats Module: Launched to Goal Profits Members!

How will our Live Trading Module improve your trading? We explain how the LTM works and how you can get access to it today.

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Correct Score Trading: the Exciting Way to Trade Football

Correct score trading on Betfair - and other betting exchanges - is an exciting way to trade football. Here is your complete guide to getting started with the correct score market, including a few tips and tricks that the professionals...