Free Football Stats: 65 Worldwide Leagues (Updated Daily)

Man wearing a football shirt and holding a laptop which has statistics coming out of it.

Here are some free football stats we've put together to introduce you to our unique Team Stats software. These stats are updated daily for all 65 worldwide leagues we cover, so you should find some winners too!

Even the first Team Stats page you will have access to as a Goal Profits member has far more information for every upcoming fixture, but you will get a good idea of what to expect below. This page just shows today's fixtures, whereas the full version of Team Stats works a week in advance.

Firstly, you will see kick-off times, home and away teams (with their league positions in brackets) and then the number of games played this season (home team at home, away team away). The next three columns show the percentage of games won, drawn and lost by each team. Again, these are home games won by the home team and away games won by the away team.​

Following those, you have the percentage of games for each team which went over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals and over 3.5 goals. Finally, there's a 'BTS' column which stands for 'Both Teams to Score'.

Free Football Stats

The full version of Team Stats provides every football trading stat that anyone needs. We have a number of professional, full-time traders who are Goal Profits members purely for Team Stats... it's that good!

Since first developing Team Stats in 2013, we have been constantly finding ways to improve it. There are updates - even complete pages - being worked on throughout the year so that our members continue to enjoy a significant advantage over everyone else trading on Betfair.

It's not just the "quick and easy" aspect either; I simply couldn't keep stats for this many leagues before and missed countless opportunities for profit.

Free stats sites - we all know them - are not designed with football traders in mind and don't provide everything we need. All they want to do is attract gamblers who sign up to their bookie offers.

I know from experience that my profits significantly increased once I had access to Team Stats and many members have found exactly the same.