Free Football Stats: 80 Worldwide Leagues (Updated Daily)

Man wearing a football shirt and holding a laptop which has statistics coming out of it.

Here are some free football stats we've put together to introduce you to our unique and exclusive Team Stats software.

These stats are updated daily for all 80 worldwide leagues we cover, so bookmark this page and then you can use them whenever you like!

Since first developing Team Stats in 2013, we have been constantly finding ways to improve it. We work on updates throughout the year so that our members continue to enjoy a significant advantage over everyone else trading on Betfair.

The full version of Team Stats has far more information for every upcoming fixture, but you will get an idea of what to expect below. These pages just show today's fixtures, whereas the full version of Team Stats works a week in advance.

I'll start by showing you some basic stats for today's fixtures and a simple shortlist builder you can use to filter out the fixtures which meet certain criteria. Then, I'll show you how our Live Stats Module takes over at kick-off.

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Stats for Today's Fixtures

Here is a list of fixtures for today along with some basic stats; kick-off times, home and away teams (with their league positions in brackets) and then the number of games played this season (home team at home, away team away).

This is important because teams often play differently at home and away. By looking at the home team's stats at home and the away team's stats away, we're using much more relevant stats in order to predict likely performance.

The next three columns show the percentage of games won, drawn and lost by each team. Following those, you have the percentage of games for each team which went over 1.5 goals, over 2.5 goals and over 3.5 goals. Finally, there's a 'BTS' column which stands for 'Both Teams to Score'.

The full version of Team Stats provides every football trading stat that anyone needs. We have a number of professional, full-time traders who are Goal Profits members purely for Team Stats... it's that good!

Image of Team Stats

Here's an example of an Australian fixture, showing just 4 rows of information that members had available! The full Team Stats also featured Goal Patterns, League Table Analysis, Goal Value Tables, a pop-up score table and more.

Image of Team Stats displaying an Australian fixture: Central Coast Mariners v Wellington Phoenix

Custom Filters

We have much better things to do with our time than searching through every fixture and I'm sure you do too!

Custom Filters allow us to build shortlists to our own specifications, saving hours of research time every day. We can even work up to a week in advance, thanks to Team Stats loading up our saved shortlists in a matter of seconds.

Here's an example of Custom Filters in action.

I have asked Team Stats to show me any fixtures in which the home team has won more than half their home games and in which the away team has conceded a goal in the second half of more than half their away games.

Example of a Team Stats Custom Filter

This simple filter pulled up a fixture in Ecuador which finished 4-0, with 3 of the goals scored in the second half.

LDU Quito v Olmedo

Imagine a busy Saturday with hundreds of fixtures! It won't take long at all to pick out just the few that fit your criteria and at times that you're available to trade. What a time saver!

Live Stats Module

Once matches go in-play, our Live Stats Module tracks everything that the teams do.

Members have access to all of the in-play stats as they happen, including a summary of the previous 10 minutes and a 'Rating' of each team's attacking intent. The Live Stats Module even displays the time of each shot and corner!

Live Stats Module

Having so much live data tracked in real-time allows members to judge how each match is progressing and make trading decisions. Doing this manually would be very difficult for one match, let alone dozens at the same time!

Here's a summary of all the data collected from the Brazilian Serie B match:

Live Stats Module Game Summary

You can see the pressure building from the home team (red) before they equalised on 60 minutes. Now imagine having all of this live information available for every match in 100+ league and cup competitions worldwide!

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