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Free Football Trading Workshop for Members (November 2019)

Written by Steve Brown

Kevin Laverick presents to Goal Profits members at our free football trading workshop

On Saturday 9th November 2019, we held our third free football trading workshop.

Around 65 Goal Profits members headed to York - some even flying in from Europe - to enjoy a day of coaching and live football trading.

I kicked things off with a section on patience and how it influences overall mindset, then Kevin took over to talk about bank management and staking.

One of the most memorable moments for me was seeing the look on members faces when I showed them how a £1,000 bank grows into £412,961 after making no profit at all for the first two years, then gently compounding from years three to ten.

Patience is everything!

Steve Brown talks about bank growth at our free football trading workshop in York.

Steve Brown talks about bank growth at our free football trading workshop in York.

During the afternoon trading session, Kevin showed everyone how he picked out 14 potential trades using various methods and 10 of them went the right way.

For example, he suggested laying QPR at 1.40 at half-time against Middlesbrough with the score 2-1 and it finished 2-2.

I identified 3 first half trades and they all went the right way. I also had a possible trade in the second half but an early goal stopped me from getting in.

Overall, it was a terrific day!

Feedback from members who attended has been very positive and gratefully received.


Goal Profits member

Hi Steve, just want to say a massive thank you to you, Kevin and Paul.

I attended the workshop last Saturday and was so impressed with the presentation, the friendliness of everyone, and how much I learned.

I have only been a member for just over 2 months, and I understand that it will take a long time to be consistently profitable, but that is fine by me, and with the stats available at Goal Profits, coupled with the unparalleled support i believe it is definitely achievable.

I have just read through the recent members survey pages and i totally agree the the price is exceptional for what you get in stats and support.

It was really good to meet you in person and shake your hand at the end as a way of saying thanks for the huge amount of work you both put in.

Thank you to everyone who came along!

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Saturday 3rd March 2018

Despite the snowy weather, almost 40 eager Goal Profits members arrived in the East Midlands for our second free football trading workshop.

There were not too many fixtures played because of the snow, but Kevin managed to hit 5/7 winners during the first half.

These included Sunderland to win the first half at Millwall at a massive 8.00!

Kevin Laverick presents to Goal Profits members at our free football trading workshop

Kevin Laverick presents to Goal Profits members at our free football trading workshop.

Feedback from members included this from Trish:


Goal Profits member

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for today's event - a training day for me.

I do get rather overwhelmed by the vast amount of statistics often and can get into a bit of a spin, or a downer when I think I may never get to grips with it all.... today has been an enormous help in that respect.

I can see now where I can cut back on wasting time and energy and have a far better idea how to use the information on the site.

I feel sure in the future I will find my own angles when I start focusing and gaining confidence with my picks.

It was also extremely pleasant to talk to people who actually know what you're on about - most of my conversations start with having to explain what Betfair is and the eyes glaze over and everyone just thinks I'm a gambler on some get rich quick scheme!

I'd also like to thank you for your time and effort and for not fleecing us to attend. I went on a BetTraders day at Betfair about 5 years ago and paid through the nose for the privilege.

Thank you for making it to the point and not just being vague or blinding us with too much information.

It is clear to me that you actually do want us to succeed and the information you gave today was invaluable. It was a shot in the arm I needed and I'm feeling very positive for the future. That's a great gift.

Thank you once again sincerely.

This is exactly what we wanted to achieve from the day; giving everyone some extra confidence with their football trading.

Fast forward to Monday evening and members in the chat room were already enjoying renewed success.

For example, "2.5 points for me on the Sittard game... that trade was entirely down to going to the event. TY!"

Whatever it takes, our members will achieve all of their trading goals!

Steve Brown

About the author

I'm the founder of Goal Profits and creator of our Team Stats research and trading tools.

Since 2011, I have been sharing my football trading experience with Goal Profits members.

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