Live Football Chat Room: Follow Professional Betfair Traders

Two traders chatting in our football chat room.

It's easy to find football chat rooms and forums online, but most of them are aimed at hobby traders and gamblers.

If you're serious about football trading, the last thing you need is clueless punters urging you to 'lump on' Barcelona at 1.20 or screaming 'BOOOOOOOOM' every time a goal is scored.

You'll find plenty of that on Twitter, so if that's your thing then stop reading this and good luck to you.

The live chat room at Goal Profits is much more professional and we plan to keep it that way. We certainly have a few laughs and enjoy ourselves, but the primary focus is on helping each other trade football profitably.

Both Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick trade alongside Goal Profits members multiple times each week. They share trading opportunities with everyone and announce any in-play trading moves they make. It's a fantastic way to learn.

There's something for everyone - from complete beginners to professional traders - who benefit in all sorts of ways.

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Football Trading Tools

The Goal Profits community enables us to crowdfund the development of trading tools which would otherwise be unaffordable.

In my early days as a trader, I remember spending hours upon hours every day of the year updating various spreadsheets and databases. No other website provided the stats I needed to trade at a professional level, especially not the free football stats websites which just wanted me to click on their bookie ads!

Team Stats has reduced my research time down from many hours to mere minutes. It builds daily shortlists of fixtures so that I'm not wasting any of my valuable time and presents data for every tradeable fixture around the world in a format designed exclusively for football traders.

Team Stats: Professional Stats for Football Traders
Traders need access to the right football stats, presented in the best way for quick and easy research. Team Stats from Goal Profits is the perfect solution.

Once fixtures kick off, the Live Stats Module tracks every game live. This is particularly important when trading live in the chat room, as there's a lot going on! All the hard work is done automatically so that we can concentrate on profitable football trading.

Live Stats Module: In-Play Football Stats for Betfair Traders
Our Live Stats Module is the best in-play stats tracker available anywhere online. It's ideal for beginners and essential for full-time professional traders.

Football Trading Community

Goal Profits is a supportive community of football traders.

You only need to look at a football betting forum to see how beginners are often belittled for asking questions, but we do not allow that to happen at Goal Profits. Every single football trader started on day one knowing nothing at all and I remember how tough it was to get started.

New members have access to a huge amount of information as they work through our 'Launchpad' Betfair trading course. We also provide ongoing help and advice via email, football trading forum and our chat room.

Perhaps the ultimate chat rooms though are our free trading workshops and other events.

As well as helping members to practice and improve their own trading, they build a real sense of community spirit which is certainly felt when everyone gets back online. Places go quick, so make sure you apply early.

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Free Football Trading Workshop for Members (November 2019)
In November 2019, we held our 3rd free football trading workshop. 65 Goal Profits members headed to York to enjoy a day of coaching and live football trading.

Who Has Time for Chat Rooms?

Very few of us have a lot of free time.

It's one reason why the majority of football traders don't watch the games they're trading and it's certainly why the majority of experienced Goal Profits members don't hang out in the chat room day after day.

Most beginners find time to visit the Goal Profits chat room when we have live trading sessions. They're able to watch what's going on and learn a a lot about different trading strategies.

However, it's really not necessary to spend a lot of time in the chat room. We teach members exactly how to trade for themselves so that they can go away and use the tools we provide at times to suit.

When I'm not running a chat room session, I often don't even get online until half-time. The Live Stats Module tracks all the games for me, so I can do all my research in a matter of minutes and get trading. I'm usually finished in less time than it takes to watch my favourite TV show!

Time is no reason to quit trading, it's just a poor excuse to give up.

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Trading Psychology: Think Like a Professional Betfair Trader
It's no secret that trading psychology and mindset is a vital ingredient for success, but how exactly do you start to think like a professional Betfair trader?

The Lonely Betfair Trader

Have you ever tried to explain trading to friends and family?

You excitedly tell them how a goal was scored, your lay bet on Betfair was matched and now you have a profit locked in. More often than not though, all you get in return is a blank look of confusion. My wife has no clue how it all works!

Most people don't understand trading and that can make it pretty lonely at times. Even more so if you're trading for a living.

Our chat room is a great place to discuss strategies with other traders - people who actually understand what you're talking about. The experience and knowledge shared between members is extraordinary and I have picked up a number of great tips from others.

As the old saying goes, "every day's a school day".

The chat room is also a place which will keep you grounded. If you're new to trading, then you're constantly fighting temptation and impatience. The more experienced traders in the chat room know exactly what new traders go through and will help you stay in control. That alone is extremely valuable support.

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Your Complete Guide to Trading Football for a Living
Here is your complete guide to trading football for a living. Plan your journey from betting beginner to professional Betfair trader and then make it happen!

Use Every Advantage

Using a chat room isn’t vital to your success as a football trader and many have profited without one. However, it certainly makes the challenge you face just a little bit easier. In this game, it makes sense to use every advantage you possibly can.

Whether you need a hand picking out the ideal trading strategy or you find yourself stumped as to what action to take in-play, the Goal Profits chat room will be able to provide you with instant support from traders who you can trust.

It's just another reason why we win so many awards year after year.

Goal Profits Awards: Best Football Trading & Betting System
Goal Profits has won many awards since 2014, including Best Football Trading System and Best Betting Product. Here is the complete list of our awards.

Looking for a useful second income or aiming higher with a full-time career?

Goal Profits members get everything they need to trade profitably and professionally:

  • Our comprehensive Launchpad football trading course
  • Team Stats covering 80 football leagues worldwide
  • Live Stats Module (including email/Telegram alerts)
  • A portfolio of successful football trading strategies
  • Live chat room sessions with professional traders
  • All the help and support you need to find success

We're offering you a fantastic opportunity to finally achieve what you want from trading using all the above tools, and with the help of the most successful Betfair community around...

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