What are the Best Football Betting Systems that Work?

Written by Steve Brown

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We all know that there's no such thing as a 'never lose' football betting system, but there have to be some which make money, right?

Having used dozens of sports betting systems over the years, I can honestly say that most of them will not make a long-term profit.

However, if you have reasonable expectations and you're prepared to put a little effort in, you can find proven football betting systems which are worth following.

In this article I will explain the best way to get started with betting, why following tipsters is often a bad idea and why you should consider trading on a betting exchange instead.

Make Money from Matched Betting

Everyone should take advantage of matched betting offers - no exceptions!

Is there such a thing as "no risk match betting"? Everything has risk, however if you follow the instructions then matched betting is the closest thing to no risk you can get.

Is matched betting worth it? Definitely! It's the easiest money you will ever make in your lifetime and if you don't have many online bookmaker accounts already, you will easily clear £1,000 tax-free.

Very simply, you will open a series of bookie accounts and be given bonuses for doing so. You will then be shown how to be turn those bonuses into guaranteed tax-free cash. It's literally as easy as that.

There are dozens and dozens of bookmakers to take advantage of, then they will start sending you additional 'reload' offers and all sorts of incentives. Most of these can be cashed out too and a matched betting blog will show you exactly how to do it each time.

Bonus Bagging

One of the best matched betting sites is Bonus Bagging. Mike will tell you which bookie to join, how much bonus you will receive and then he will explain exactly how to cash it out. You don't need to know anything about sports betting, just follow the simple instructions.

During our review, we made £341.41 profit in one month!

Profit Maximiser

This is the next step after Bonus Bagging. You will take advantage of all sorts of bookie offers, reloads, casino incentives, etc and make more tax-free profit. There are also low risk opportunities which don't always win, but you will make a fantastic profit from them overall.

This time, our reviewer made £391.12 profit just by following the simple instructions. Each offer took 10-15 minutes and averaged £9.54 profit. That's a fantastic tax-free hourly rate!

Profit Expectation

Once you have built your betting bank, it's time to put all that money to work.

However, whereas you were making virtually guaranteed profits before from matched betting, you're not going to be able to do that ongoing. Bookies will start to limit your accounts, restrict you from taking advantage of their offers and you need to find new sources of profit.

The biggest trap that new bettors fall into is going after huge winners. Bookies are experts at setting the right prices and then trimming them a bit more so that they're sure to make a profit overall. In order to beat them you need to be clever enough to spot pricing errors, patient enough to wait for them to show up and then confident enough to ride out losing runs. It's not at all easy!

You have probably placed a football betting accumulator at some point. The selections all look sound and nothing could possibly go wrong... until that home 'banker' ends 1-1 and your whole acca is let down.

Bookies make more profit from accumulator bets than anything else, so you need to get smart.

Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator is a system which will help you to win accumulator bets more frequently. It's worth taking advantage of while you still have some bookie accounts available to bet with.

Our reviewer made £601.05 profit in just one month!

The Problem with Betting Tipsters

Betting tipsters either make a profit or a loss and both of those can be bad news for followers.

Quite obviously, losing tips result in followers losing money. But how on earth could there be a problem with winning tips?

Well, in order to make a profit from betting long-term you must bet with value. It doesn't matter if the next 10 tips win or lose, as long as they have value then there will be a profit over many months.

Here's the problem: once word gets out about a winning tipster and follower numbers increase, value is eroded as more people scramble for the best prices and nobody makes as much profit as before. The tipster loses his/her magic touch despite not changing a thing.

The only way to prevent this from happening is for tipsters to limit the number of their followers. We have had to do this with our Trade Your Bets site which is closed to new members almost all of the time. However, you can join our waiting list and we'll let you know when places become available. If only all tipsters understood the risk and did this!

Best Way to Make Money on Betfair

Have you considered that betting or following tipsters might not be the way forward? What is the alternative?

It's safe to say that there are far more people trading football for a living than betting. I wouldn't say it's easy and there's a lot to learn but, once you have some experience of using Betfair football trading strategies, a whole new world of opportunity opens up without having to rely on tipsters.

Think about it... when betting, you're going up against a bookmaker and the overround (profit margin) that they build into their books. However, with Betfair trading, you're pitting your wits against other real people and even taking on the role of the bookmaker from time to time.

You've never seen a poor bookie, so I'm sure you can understand how powerful it can be to become one!

There are a number of Goal Profits members who now consider themselves to be full-time football traders. It didn't fall into their lap overnight - it never does - but they improved with practice and now enjoy trading football as their job, without the risk of relying on tipsters.

If they can do it, why couldn't you?

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