£10,681.89 Reasons Why YOU Should Master Football Trading

This is an email received from a Goal Profits member who was around £10,000 in the red with his football trading. With our help, he has turned things right around and by the middle of 2015 found himself £10,000 in profit - a fantastic £20,000 swing!

It's quite a turnaround and there are some great words of advice which will help anyone else who finds themselves struggling.

Hi Kevin, Been a while since I’ve hassled you on email… hope you’re well!

I remember early on how you said your aim was to turn a few of us into pros. I’ve seen you take a bit of grief from a frustrated members trying to get their head around it all so thought it might be gratifying for you to know that you can count me as one of your success stories!

And really I just wanted to personally thank you… you’re clearly a solid and well meaning guy who is willing to give away a lot of time and information to help others.

Goal Profits is great but actually the biggest learning for me was seeing how you think and how you manage your trades.

I do keep my subscription purely because I find your insights so valuable, but nowadays when I trade it’s no chat rooms, no Twitter, nothing but me, my laptop with spreadsheet and Fairbot open!

Everything has clicked and most of the times I keep the emotion out of it (OK, I might have let out a slight cheer last night when Braga bagged me an M22 with the last kick of the game!), and it’s all quite mechanical.

Ironically trading with bigger stakes has made me a far better trader. And now I’m completely confident in what I’m doing the draw downs don’t really affect me that much as I know if I keep plugging away the profits will come.

I’ve got a nicely balanced portfolio with 6 straight betting systems and 6 football trading systems, all across first half, match odds, goal markets and correct score. Some of yours and some of my own and my own way of managing it all based on your Matrix.

I’m at £200 a point currently and really the proof is in the pudding so here’s how the last 30 days have gone:

Football trading profits for a Goal Profits member over the last month.

I’m usually making between 1K to 4K a month nowadays so this was a bit of a bumper period. I got into betting and trading about 5-6 years ago and mid-way through last year was probably about 10K down.

This 10K of profits over the a last month now puts me around 10K up in my betting and trading endeavours. I have a strong commitment never to be in the red again!

Never plan to go full-time as love what I do for the day job but this is proving to be a ridiculously good second income!

I’m somewhat of a “trading recluse” these days but wanted you to know that I massively appreciate your support as I just don’t think you can buy that education in any PDF or set of stats.

Thanks again!

Goal Profits member

If ever there was a perfect example of the phrase, "winners never quit, quitters never win" this is it.

It would have been far easier for Alex to quit, but he knew full well that others were making significant profits so why on earth would he have given up?​ In fact, why does anyone give up?

Everyone who does that is only ensuring that the end result of their football trading is failure. ​It is perfectly possible to be successful if you show a little determination.

Be a winner.

2 thoughts on “£10,681.89 Reasons Why YOU Should Master Football Trading”

  1. Wouldn’t the email Kevin received be more convincing if the trader hadn’t been 10K down in the middle of last year, after trading for 5-6 years? Sounds like he had a good month but if he was down after all that time then his methods don’t work well?

    • Hi Max

      The email said he was around 10k down after 5-6 years of trading but I don’t know what level that was at. I imagine, like most new traders, he looked around at various systems and didn’t find anything which worked consistently.

      Since the middle of last year with Goal Profits, he has got back to even and the bumper month put him well into profit. Onwards and upwards from here.

      Most new traders start by blowing a bank or two. Kevin himself was £40k down at one point which forced him to either change his approach or quit. It’s quite normal, though we’re trying to minimise it through guidance and support here at GP.


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