We're passionate about football but we're also passionate about profits.

We've won multiple awards for our Betfair football trading community - but who are we? And how did we get here?

Goal Profits football trading community awards 2014-2018

We're Steve and Kevin, and we started out as a pair of football-mad tipsters.

We thought our football knowledge alone meant we would rock the football betting world and we'd soon be able to give up our day jobs.

You can probably guess how that turned out...

So what changed?

We became convinced that it was less about Harry Kane's goal-per-game ratio or how many matches Barcelona had won at home that mattered. So we set about learning the mindset, discipline, and strategies required to improve results.

And we saw improvements almost instantly.

From that moment on, we went from football tipsters to football traders.

Steve Brown is a professional football trader who launched Goal Profits in 2011. Here is his story from BP employee to full-time trader.

We determined to be different from the tipping services that suck you in and spit you out the other side, battered and bruised from your losses.

We’ve built a system that's:

  • Profitable – for as many members as possible
  • Educational – teaching strategies rather than simply providing tips
  • Easy to follow – but using the latest technology to provide the 'edge'
  • Scientific – driven by sound trading strategies that work in the real world
  • Supportive – a real, service-focused football community

Of course, we still love our football, but now we love our profits too. And we enjoy sharing our know-how with members.

We like to help you with the numbers—but we don’t treat you like one!

Kevin Laverick had an extremely tough introduction to Betfair trading. Here’s his full story from losses and an ultimatum, to professional football trader.

The strategies we've developed are constantly being updated and improved - as are the tools we provide to members. Our breakthrough approaches have literally changed the way people trade on football matches.

Community members just starting out trade alongside professional traders, supporting each other so that we all win.

The strategy, coaching, and support you receive here means you'll never again be left to fend for yourself in the Betfair markets!