Goal Profits Betfair Football Trading Community FAQs

We’re Passionate about Football… but we’re also Passionate about Profits.

You’ve already seen that Goal Profits has won multiple awards for our Betfair football trading community – but who are we? And how did we get here?

Goal Profits football trading community awards 2014-2018

Well, we’re Steve and Kevin, and we started out as a pair of football-mad tipsters. We thought our football knowledge alone meant we would rock the football betting world and we’d soon be able to give up our day jobs. You can probably guess how that turned out...

So what changed? Well, once we got serious and developed a strategy, we saw our results improve almost instantly.

Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick, professional football traders at Goal Profits

We became certain that it was strategy more than knowledge about Wayne Rooney’s goal-per-game ration or how many matches Bournemouth draw at home that mattered. Then we turned ourselves from football tipsters into football traders.

We still love our football, but now we love our profits too. And we love to share our know-how with our members.

We have developed further strategies that cover all types of football trading and these sit at the core of our community of football traders; we support each other and this helps us all improve our results.

That’s why we’ve won the awards and why we’re proud to say that we’ve built our successful trading community from the ground up.

The strategy, teamwork, and support you receive here from professional traders mean that you’ll never again be left to fend for yourself in the Betfair markets! Find out more about Steve or Kevin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Goal Profits Betfair Football Trading Community FAQs

We're happy to answer any of your questions!

Football trading itself should not be over-complicated; but we understand that you are probably on a search for the best option possible to help you develop as a football trader.

The following questions are the ones that we get asked most frequently by members – before or just after they become members.

We hope they are enough to convince you that Goal Profits is your best option. But if you’re still left with questions, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you – almost always within 24 hours.

I’m totally new to trading... is this for me?

I’ve been trading for a while... how can you help me?

What do I get when I join Goal Profits?

I don't know much about football - can I still trade?

I’m getting on a bit... is this for me?

What if I don't like it? Can I cancel my membership?

Do I have to be around at certain times to follow your trade selections?

What size trading bank should I start with?

How can I boost my trading bank?

How much profit will I make?

How much time do I need?

Do you trade during the summer when there is no Premier League?

What is ‘Launchpad’ and how can it help me start to trade?

Do you offer free trials?

What do I need in order to start trading with you?

Do you take a percentage of my winnings?

Do you really have members who have given up their day jobs?