How to Stop ‘Sunday League’ Mistakes when Trading Football

Everything is a journey these days; the footballer's journey from the youth team to the international stage, the X Factor contestant’s rise from gutting fish to the verge of stardom and even the ‘Great British Bake Off’ coffee morning baker graduating from scones to the finest Chocolate Orange Tart (minus the soggy bottom, of course!).

Due to poor discipline, it’s fair to say I’ve had my share of ‘Sunday League’ moments during my trading.

Two examples in particular stand out:

  1. Trying to correct score trade a Spanish Super Cup match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. 0-0 was unthinkable, so I layed it from the start - heavily. The Spanish Super Cup is effectively pre-season. No form, no stats, no intensity, no goals – none at all. Ouch.
  2. Laying the home team in a New Zealand domestic rugby union match being shown on Sky Sports on a Friday morning. I know many of you are not rugby fans; but Sean Fitzpatrick (possibly the greatest player of all time and New Zealand Rugby oracle) was in the studio heavily tipping the home team to win. But I knew better... turned out I didn’t.

Add to that the occasions where I’ve waited for goals in the middle of the night that never arrive from Ecuador, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia. I would have had better value putting money on the proverbial flies on the wall!

I took some drastic action and stepped away from football trading and betting for a period of time; mainly to prove I could. This meant I didn’t have any underlying addiction problem and confirmed to me that my issue was purely discipline. Phew.

I have heard many solid pieces of advice to improve discipline, i.e. keeping some bank notes at your PC so it all seems real; only transferring enough into betting exchanges for your planned trades for that session; not trading and drinking; not trading when you are likely to be distracted.

I am not entirely ‘reformed’, but I am much improved. But for all of the sound advice above, and elsewhere, I have kept these two thoughts close when trading more successfully over the past few months:

"Would I be happy for someone else to use my money on that trade?"

I suspect that most of us don’t trade with money that is purely ours. By that I mean our banks are either taken from income that could be used or saved elsewhere, or is enabling you to trade for a future goal that you share with others; like that new family car, a holiday, house deposit or the little extra ‘green’ that makes the month a little easier.

"Could I stand up in front of Steve and Kevin, and make a compelling case for this trade?"

We know that Steve and Kevin only trade for a reason. Either the season stats are sound, the in-play stats are compelling or the match fits perfectly into a particular strategy. The imaginary Goal Profits 'Dragons Den' has saved me from numerous losses.

The road can be bumpy and I just wanted to share what is working for me. Good luck!

Goal Profits member: Barrie

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