The Exciting Journey from Police Officer to Football Trader

This story is how I became involved in learning to trade football and how previously how I was never interested in the worlds’ most popular sport.

I have been a police officer for 22 years and began my life on the beat in the cities and towns of Hampshire before transferring to work in central London. During my career I was fortunate to be successful and selected to the police motorcycle unit. Now this role was always a prized job amongst those in the Traffic Department. It was filled with officers who had ridden for many years and the years of cold nights and sunny days certainly showed on their faces!

One of our roles was to police the football matches in both Southampton and Portsmouth. I was never one to see the game as something I would watch or certainly stand in the wintry elements to cheer on my favourite team. I only ever saw it as some overtime to help put food on the table or pay the bills.

Most Saturdays throughout the Football season I would primarily work with my small team making sure punters got to Fratton park safely and all emergency routes were kept clear. As I progressed in my motorcycling role I was given more courses and became a VIP escort officer and as a result moved from putting out grubby traffic cones to waiting at the away team hotels to escort visiting players to Fratton Park.

On reflection I know that some fans out there would have bitten my hand off to do the work I did. You have to look back to realise of course I am talking about the days when Portsmouth had money! I would be tasked to go to an exclusive hotel outside Portsmouth and escort away coaches in for the game. Many a time, I would wait with the biggest stars in the Premier League in hotel lobbies, then casually chat and safely transport them to perform at one of the most tired and loudest grounds in the game.

I remember on one occasion trying to get a signed team photo of Arsenal and it would be provided on the basis we got the players to the ground exactly on time. Now in order to do this we developed our own methods of taking coach drivers on the wrong side of the Eastern Road to get them to the ground.

On this particular occasion I was told by the team physio that the players would have an inspirational and motivating dvd played and it had to finish exactly as they arrived. Now being a consumate professional and with a signed team photo at stake we completed our task to the second and I proudly finished the days’ work with a signed photo.

As I stated at the beginning I still had no interest in the game that I could watch for free and eventually carry out the escorting of the F.A. Cup winners through Portsmouth. I moved on to later work at St Mary’s and continue my role in looking after players’ coaches or keeping the emergency routes open.

It's now somewhat bizarre that I find myself in the position of checking statistics and digesting various news feeds about football games around the world. Sadly I find myself in the position of potentially leaving the police force. This is down to ill health and over the last few months found myself looking at trading on Betfair to make a bit of extra money and keep the grey matter occupied. How ironic that before I had absolutely no interest in Football to now getting excited about hitting a target score or getting the half time score lay in a winning position.

It's been an odd journey to get to this point but I would urge anyone who hasn't tried Goal Profits to get involved. I am not sure how the statistic site works but it is mysteriously very accurate. It's a credit to Steve to the amount of work I can imagine that has gone into this and I know I would not be able to achieve the hit rates I have since joining. If I find I am retired from my role then I shall be doing this full time and you never know I might one day get hit with by Betfair with a high commission rate! ;-0

Adi H​


So I am about a month on from joining Goal Profits. It's so far been an interesting journey and more importantly enjoyable. I wanted to share something that I have learnt that no doubt everyone has come across. Its the dreaded decision of do I get involved in this market or not?

Over the last few weeks and most certainly in the beginning I would dawdle about the Goal Profits statistics thinking ‘What should I back/lay or trade?’ With so many elements and variations of trading particular markets I was completely undecided.

But the one thing I have had to learn as well as discipline is making a decision. I would kick myself so many times having seen the in play opportunity and then umm and ahh’d about it before the market would show the ‘Suspended’ banner and I would realise I had missed the opportunity.

I would often make a comment in the chat room whining about the missed opportunity but as Kevin has said a couple of times “At least you were looking at the right market”.

This is very true and when trading or in the case of the straight back bets have confidence that if you missed one before then next time go with your instinct. This is something I have been moving towards over the last week and albeit I use very small stakes I have seen an improvement in my trading skills.

For example I have seen at least three matches where the pressure, and shots on target have prompted me to get that lay bet placed. The results being a nice small but at least 50% profit on these spontaneous trades. I am not saying I am right all the time but believing in your own ability in a strategy you understand will help to build your confidence. I still ensure I rein in the temptation to over trade which is something I did at the start.

It is very tempting to try all the strategies that are out there but now I think I have around five I like to use. To put what I have been doing into perspective I trade using stakes of £2-£5 for straight value back bets and for correct score £10.

In the last three days of trading I made a profit of £48. This does of course include losses but having the confidence in the statistics the understanding of the strategy will culminate in profits. More importantly have belief that making the decision without excessively exposing your bank will pay dividends.

I know I am not going to be a millionaire by the end of this month but applying what I have learnt so far and building on my confidence will make those £48’s all slowly but surely grow.

So in summary. if you see the opportunity before or prior to a game and you have confidence in what you have learnt go for it! But remember always always protect that bank and do not chase the losses!

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