From Scratch to Profit: Why Quitting is a Mistake

I have been a member of Goal Profits for almost 2 years now. The first word that I came across with GP was 'scratch'. My records show that during that period my profit vs loss is still 'scratch'. Many people would give up or would have given up already but I won't give up and here is why.

About 9 years ago I was betting regularly, mostly on football and sometimes on horse racing. I won quite often, however what was nagging me was that maybe I was kidding myself. Most people who gamble think they win, few will admit to losses. I then decided to do something that none of my gambling friends would do and still won't to this day; I began keeping a record of my profit and loss.

My profit figure now stands at just short of £10,000. Sounds impressive, however that's over nine years therefore just over £1,000 per year. That is just £20 per week. I'm really glad that I keep a record as it shows I am not losing money. I'd be interested to know what my friends P&L would be, they all 'win' money regularly after all!

I subscribe to 3 services; Goal Profits, Value Football Betting (now closed to new members) and Victor Value Racing. I've tried others in the last couple of years. Two horse racing tipsters for instance, one of them lost me £400 in one month and the other one last me £400 in six months. It is commonly said that you should give any system or service a year to prove its profitability. I'm glad that I didn't give either of these services any longer than I did.

I took a free trial for another service and that was exciting. Not only did they have stats for 4 major leagues giving you the true odds for various outcomes in each match, they actually aligned these to the prices available on the Betfair betting exchange. It was so exciting to look for the opportunities and I could not wait to get stuck in each week. I made a small profit during the 6 month trial, however something wasn't quite right - mainly the customer service. At times I would email questions and often wait days for a reply (something that never happens with Goal Profits). Also, there was rarely any talk of improving things. £30 was not cheap and I found the tool slow and difficult to navigate.

So what is it about the services that I subscribe to that makes me continue? Firstly, Victor Value Racing. I am in profit by approximately £750 after 18 months and this is to small £6 stakes. When I joined the service started very well and I was immediately in profit, however a really bad period followed and I then found myself £500 down. What kept me going was that most of the horses that Victor advised went off at a much shorter price than he advised to bet them at. Here is a man who knows what he's doing I thought I'm going to stick with this. I can either let the bets ride and take the big wins when they come along (Emperors Choice was one yesterday advised at 16/1, won at 9/1) or I can lay the bet off at lesser odds and give myself a free bet or a profit. Betting with value is the key and is a phrase I've heard many many times in the Goal Profits chat room.

As much as I enjoy the horse racing service if I had to choose I'd stick with GP/VFB. Victor Value is down to simply following someone else's advice, GP/VFB are so much more. I can follow the selections and advice from Kevin and Steve (which in both cases is absolutely first class) or I can use the amazing armoury of stats and systems that are available.

When I joined Goal Profits it seemed there was endless advice and football trading systems available. Little did I realise that this thing was going to grow into something much more impressive especially with the magnificent Team Stats. When asked for suggestions at the start of the year I emailed Steve about the possibility of Betfair prices being integrated. To see this happen so soon was great.

So why am I not making a profit yet? The main reason is mistakes. I have made many! Overtrading, not staking correctly, going too quickly into a bet or trade without studying every possible angle, occasionally thinking that I know better and not following the advice given. Yet, despite all these mistakes I'm still not losing any money and if I can put all these things right I can see only one outcome - profit. The chat room is immense so much knowledge and experience. There have been brilliant nights when fellow traders have given great advice and turned big losses in to 'scratch' or wins.

This article may read like some sort of advertisement for GP but it isn't meant to be. There are many new members now, so many systems, so much advice, so many stats and ebooks. I'd hope reading this may help some take losses in their stride. I tend to just accept them the same as wins nowadays. It's often said that you need the right mindset. I joked with Steve in the chat room that supporting Sheffield United has helped create mine! Learning that losses will happen and to accept them and move on.

The most important part of all this is me. Every loss or mistake I look at myself first. Members often ask for the exact moves that Steve and Kevin make. I'm actually performing better with my own selections than I am with Kevin's (admittedly I have missed many great winners such as the 8pt chat room win the other night). Does that make me a better trader than he is? Most certainly not. Here is a man that many of us are looking up to, his record speaks for itself.

The key is mindset, analysing where you are going right and wrong and ultimately learning. In my time with Goal Profits I have learnt so much. Because of that I genuinely believe I am close to turning 'scratch' into PROFIT!

Goal Profits member: Andy H

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