U-Turn: I Never Thought I Would Enjoy Trading So Much!

I have been with Goal Profits now for around four months, and never really given feedback on my thoughts until now.

As most people do, I fell into the trap on fancy websites from tipsters on their false promises but luckily I didn’t lose that much before realising they were not good. It wasn’t the fact of losing the money but more of frustration and disappointment that I wasn’t getting anywhere with sports trading.

When I came across Goal Profits from Lay Back and Get Rich I took the plunge, thinking this is my last shot. I was getting down-heartened with never learning to become what is my main goal in doing this for a living.

Fast-forward four months and wow! I have learned so much and I'm still learning. My confidence and enthusiasm has sky rocketed and I never thought that I would enjoy football trading so much.

I have been taking it very slowly and used small stakes. I've taken in so much advice from Kevin’s trading plan, combing Goal Profits trading strategies as well as the constantly re-reading the strategies and watching videos.

But my most favourite part is the actual task in analysing Team Stats to narrow down my picks. By no means am I a statistician, but I have always loved the process of going through data.

Currently, my trading plan has the same format as Kevin’s, in four strategies per day consisting of Goal Profits strategies and my own picks along with Assured Soccer Profits which is also a little golden nugget of a strategy. In March alone I have made 25 points using Kevin’s Accelerated Staking System.

I have also taken Steve’s advice in not follow Kevin’s daily picks. I want to concentrate and pick my own as that’s the only way I will learn. I will join in the £30k Challenge soon when I have a reasonable bankroll and that will be separate from my main trading bank.

I am taking my trading more seriously and setting myself goals as the last four months was more or less in getting the feel of things. So with a £500 starting my bank, my goal by end of the year is to at least break even, strictly sticking to my trading plan.

I will not over-trade (which has been a weakness of mine in the past) and will aim for 10% increase to my bank per month.

I may also add a daily diary in the forum with my trading picks of the day, with explanation of why I chose them. This is for both a learning curve to myself so people can pick holes in my thought process as well as helping others who may be struggling in finding winners.

So I would like to say a big thank you to you both with all you help and advice so far and your marvelous Team Stats.

I really hope you continue for a long time because I am not planning to go anywhere else.

Goal Profits member: James

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