How to Trade Football

How to trade football; advice, tips and tricks from professional Betfair traders.

Football pitch with the words "Asian handicap explained"

Asian Handicap Explained (Includes FREE AH Table Download)

Asian handicap fully explained so that you can take advantage of this lucrative market which many other bettors don't understand. You can also download an Asian handicap table for free!

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Profit Expectations | Get in the Real World, Pip

Why is it so important to make sure that profit expectations are realistic? We explore the myths and truths, uncovering some amazing insights into the power of bank compounding.

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Why Football Traders Are Not Gamblers

It's not easy to explain what I do. The word "trader" is vague enough as it is. People have overheard trainer on more than one occasion. The second question, seeking to clarify what I've just said, would bring me to...

Football pitch with the words "win draw win"

Introduction To Football Trading: Win Draw Win Bet Explained

Everything you need to know about win draw win football bets in easy-to-understand language. Plenty of screenshots too!

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Introduction to Football Trading: What is a Lay Bet?

You need to know what a lay bet is in order to trade football at a betting exchange. We explain it very simply and with plenty of screenshots.

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What Percentage of Football Matches End 0-0?

A common question among football traders is, how many football matches end 0-0? Using Team Stats Trends within the Goal Profits Members Area, this is dead easy to answer. And it throws up some interesting facts too.

Two traders chatting in our football chat room.

How to Improve Your Trading with our Football Chat Room

How a football chat room will help you become a more profitable football trader. I wish I'd had in-play access to so much trading experience when I was starting out!

A football which has not quite crossed the goal line.

How to Identify When Goals are Down and Trade Profitably

How did the lack of goals across the world affect football trading and betting during the summer of 2015? I investigate goal trends and more.

Profitable football trading: stop dreaming, start doing

Football Betting Systems that Work

Everyone is different, so football betting systems that work for some are not always right for others. This is how to find strategies which are ideal for you.

A Goal Profits member's success story; from redundancy to profit.

Patience, Determination, Discipline and Redundancy: Then Success!

I would like to share with you an incredible success story. Imagine being made redundant and using part of your redundancy package to put a trading bank together. That's pressure! But what if you were able to start making enough...

Football trading profits for a Goal Profits member over the last month.

£10,681.89 Reasons Why YOU Should Master Football Trading

This is an email which Kevin received from a member who had been struggling with football trading. With our support he has turned things around spectacularly!

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U-Turn: I Never Thought I Would Enjoy Trading So Much!

James has been a member of Goal Profits for just four months but has already gone from disappointment and frustration to optimism and excitement!