Football Trading Essentials

A football on top of coin stacks, with a profit graph in the background

Betting Bank Management: How to Grow Your Money Safely

Betting bank management is an essential part of professional football trading. Here's how to secure your hard-earned money, then grow it safely over time.

Your Complete Guide to Trading Football for a Living

Here is your complete guide to trading football for a living. Plan your journey from betting beginner to professional Betfair trader and then make it happen!

Football stadium full of fans who could be enjoying correct score trading

Correct Score Trading: the Exciting Way to Trade Football

Correct score trading on Betfair - and other betting exchanges - is an exciting way to trade football. Here is your complete guide to getting started with the correct score market, including a few tips and tricks that the professionals...

A football next to a laptop computer.

Football Trading: How to Win in Betfair Football Markets

I explain how football trading differs from betting, how to start out with Betfair football trading strategies and how you can aim to trade football for a living. It's not easy to achieve, but it's not as difficult as you...

Football on grass next to white chalk line.

Lay the Draw Trading: Easy to Use and Still Profitable

Lay the draw trading (also known as LTD) is still one of the most popular ways to trade football on Betfair. Here's everything you need to know to get started today, including betting vs trading, lay the draw exit strategies,...

Psychology depicted by cogs working a brain

Trading Psychology: Think Like a Professional Football Trader

It's no secret that a positive trading psychology leads to better results, but how exactly do you start to think like a professional football trader?