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How to Find Great Value in the Betfair Match Odds Market

Friday evenings offer plenty of football trading opportunities. Here's how to pick out winning trades in the Betfair Match Odds market.

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Using Betfair’s ‘Next Goal’ Market for Great Risk/Reward

There were not many trading angles for Nantes v Caen, but Betfair's Next Goal market provided good risk/reward and profit even if the final score had been 0-0!

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Lay the Draw Trading and How to Exploit it (Video Version)

This is the video version of our popular "Lay the Draw Trading and How to Exploit it" article. Everything you need to know to get started with LTD trading.

Club America celebrate their 12th Liga MX trophy back in 2014.

Apertura and Clausura: Exciting Alternative to European Football

The 10 month European football season is considered the norm, but the Apertura and Clausura system used in South America provides an exciting alternative.

Ready to trade football outside with laptop, coffee and pen on a desk.

Trading Betfair for a Living: Complete Guide for 2017

Here is everything you need to know to become a full-time football trader on Betfair, whether you're just starting out or you have been trading for a while.

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An overview of Betfair: The innovative £50 million (a day) exchange

Betfair has made a name for itself as one of the most innovative companies in the betting sphere since it was founded back in 2000.

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£30k Challenge Update: Is the Profit on Target?

Kevin's £30k Challenge has been running for a year and here are the results to date. Will he hit his £30,000 target by the end of year three?

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Case Study: Winning with In-Play Football Trading on Betfair

I show you a few ways to trade football in-play on Betfair. Stats and angles are all well and good, but you need to find the right amount of risk/reward too.

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Football Trading Case Study: Winning with Team Stats

I show you exactly how to make a profit with Betfair football trading; our Team Stats software does the hard work, patience and common sense does the rest.

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Case Study: 4.67pts Betfair Football Trading Profit in 2 Hours

I show you exactly how professional traders make money from Betfair football markets. You don't even need to know anything about the teams involved!

An aerial view of the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium.

Top 11: Ranking the biggest stadiums in world football

Forget Old Trafford, the Allianz Arena or the Bernabeu - these 11 football stadiums have insane spectator capacities!

Transfer flop Bebé plays for Manchester United.

6 Crazy Football Conspiracy Theories (That Might Be True)

Who cares if Elvis and Tupac are still alive... Did you know the 1958 World Cup never actually happened?

Steven Gerrard lifts the 2005 Champions League trophy with Liverpool.

18 Years, 710 Caps: Liverpool’s Legendary Captain Steven Gerrard

Liverpool have had plenty of stars over the years, and despite failing to win even 1 Premier League title, Steven Gerrard is among them.

Bret Trautmann stands in front of the Manchester City crowd.

Bert Trautmann: Reuniting Football Following World War 2

Football was thrown into turmoil during World War 2, but Bert Trautmann, Nazi soldier turned Manchester City legend, helped to rebuild the sport.

Asmir Begovic celebrates with his Stoke City teammates after scoring against Southampton.

9 Incredible Football Records That Messi or Ronaldo Don’t Hold

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are 2 of the greatest footballers of the modern era. However, there are still some feats left for them to break.

Frank Lampard celebrates in front of the Chelsea crowd.

‘Super Frank Lampard’: An Extraordinary Premier League Legend

Whether you called him 'Super Frank' or 'Fat Frank', with 176 goals and 118 assists, the extraordinary Frank Lampard is a Premier League legend.

A Blind Football player stands on the field.

7 Odd Football Variants That You (Probably) Don’t Know Exist

Many sports based on association football have achieved popularity and success, but have you heard of Swamp Soccer or Jorkyball?

Former footballer Tim Wiese enters the WWE ring.

What next? 9 Retired Footballers with Unusual New Jobs

Everything from budding wrestler to undertaker - these 9 footballers took on weird jobs after calling time on their football careers.