Steve Brown: Football Trader & Founder of Goal Profits

Steve Brown, football trader and creator of Goal Profits football trading community.

Steve Brown is the creator of Goal Profits. Back in 2011 when 'tipping services' were all the rage, he quietly set about building the first football trading community.

Rather than rely on a mystery person to supply betting tips, Goal Profits is all about teaching members how to trade. This ensures a secure, long-term future, rather than simply hope that a tipster decides to hang about for a while!

Steve and Kevin even arrange free social events for members where everyone can meet up to discuss trading. How many others in the betting world are prepared to give up their time for free in order to help their members succeed?!

The Early Years

Steve was born and raised in Bournemouth, a lifelong Cherries fan.

He was employed by BP for fifteen years, working his way up through the company and holding a number of Head Office roles, including Fresh Category Manager and Retail Operations Support Manager.

Having finally had enough of making money for other people he started an eBay business and began trading football on Betfair as a hobby.

As most people do, Steve started by blowing his trading bank.

He had no bank management in place, no trading discipline and – being a typical bloke – thought he knew enough about football to easily make a profit from it.

He bought a number of ‘Holy Grail’ betting systems, having been sucked in by photos of swimming pools and Ferraris.

The usual mistakes that nearly everyone makes!

Having been brought back down to earth with a bump, Steve rebuilt his trading bank and gradually learned how to trade properly.

His main focus was ‘lay the draw’ as well as a simple correct score trading strategy, but the real learning curve was developing the right mindset and discipline.

It was a bumpy road but he refused to give up.

The Birth of Goal Profits

Goal Profits was born in 2011.

Steve had won a tipping competition and was asked if he would like to start an online trading service.

He didn’t know where to start when it came to building websites and, in fact, Goal Profits didn’t even have one at first!

It took many years to build the site into what it is today; a fantastic football trading community.

The chat room sees plenty of friendly co-operation between experienced traders, Launchpad Mentors and members.

Team Statistics

In 2013, the development of Steve’s Team Statistics software began.

This unique resource revolutionised the way that he – and many others – approached football trading.

Research time was cut dramatically, meaning that Goal Profits members were able to trade in many more leagues than before, armed with all the stats needed to be successful.

Team Stats has continued to grow ever since.

From that basic – but valuable – beginning it has developed into a fully functional research tool, capable of identifying selections automatically each day for all of the Goal Profits football trading strategies.

It calculates value, pulls in Betfair prices for comparison, checks results and even analyses long-term trends all over the world.

Team Stats has completely changed the way football trading is approached.

Goal Profits Team Statistics software makes trade research very quick and easy.

Steve continues to add new elements to Goal Profits in order to benefit members and, of course, his own trading.

2016 saw the introduction of 'Launchpad. This is a 16 week football trading course which teaches complete beginners how to build and operate their own portfolio of systems.

It is completely free for all Goal Profits members and immediately transformed the fortunes of a number of members who had previously been falling short of their trading goals.

Award-Winning Football Trading Community

Steve's dedication and ambition has led to a number of awards including, “Best Football System" in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018, “Best Trading System” in 2015 as well as “Best Product” in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 as voted for by readers of Lay Back & Get Rich.

Goal Profits was also awarded “Trading Service of the Year 2014” by the Cash-Master review site.

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