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If you're new to football trading, you have a huge amount to learn. Thankfully, Launchpad is on hand to get you started.

When you become a Goal Profits member, you will get immediate access to the very best collection of research and trading tools on the planet.

However, you also need to know how to use them, otherwise how are you going to start trading profitably?!

Launchpad is our complete football trading course and all Goal Profits members get access for FREE. It starts at the very beginning of the football trading journey, finishing up with much more advanced trading techniques.

Here's the best bit though... you get one-to-one help from professional traders Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick.

As you learn new trading techniques, both Steve and Kevin are on hand to answer any questions you have. You will even be able to trade alongside them live in the chat room, following all their moves and learning as you go.

Launchpad really is the ultimate football trading course, the only learning resource you're going to need.

Introduction to Launchpad

We have split Launchpad into six separate courses:

  • Getting Started
  • Team Stats
  • Live Stats Module
  • Beginner Strategies
  • Advanced Trade Selection
  • Advanced Strategies

At the time of writing, there are more than 100 lessons!

Launchpad football trading course

The majority of the lessons are text with screenshots and there are also a number of videos. Some members love these, but we also have many members whose first language isn't English and that makes videos next to useless.

We do plan to add more video content in the future for those who prefer it. However, in order to include everyone, each lesson has to be mainly text-based.

Also... videos take a long time to make. This is why you often find that video-based courses are rarely updated and quickly go out of date. Frankly, members would prefer us to be in the chat room trading live.

We're still able to grab screenshots and describe trading situations in full, it's exactly the same except the pictures don't move.

Getting Started

When you start anything new, it's easy to fall into bad habits and much harder to get back out of them.

The Getting Started course talks a lot about mindset, bank management and recording results. Getting these things right from day one makes the journey to profitable trading so much easier, get them wrong and you will fail. It's as simple as that.

For example, you would not believe the number of new members who email to say that they need some help selecting strong trades. But when we ask to see their results sheet so we can suggest some quick wins... they couldn't be bothered to keep one.

In order to win on Betfair, you literally have to make another trader lose and take their money. There are many smart and ruthless Betfair traders out there who will eat you for breakfast if you don't put a bit of effort in!

Here is the list of lessons for Getting Started:

  • How Does Launchpad Work?
  • Goal Profits Chat Room
  • Football Trading in the Real World
  • Why are you Trading?
  • Keeping a Level Head
  • Value, Variance and Losses
  • Trading Beliefs
  • The Average Football Match
  • Introduction to Bank Management
  • The Power of Compounding
  • Staking
  • Recording Results

Of course, we're always looking to add new and improved content so there may also be another topic or two by now.

Team Stats & Live Stats Module

These next two courses introduce all of the research and trading tools that all Goal Profits members have access to.

We recommend that new members work through the first chapter of the Team Stats course and the first two chapters of the Live Stats Module course. They provide enough knowledge to start with, then later chapters can be returned to later on.

Here is the list of chapters for Team Stats:

  • Team Stats
  • Custom Filters
  • League Tables
  • Second Half Stats
  • Team Stats Trends
  • Team Stats Streaks
  • Team Stats Database

Here is the list of chapters for Live Stats Module:

  • In-Play Stats and the LSM
  • How to Use the Live Stats Module
  • Filters and Alerts

Within these chapters, there are a total of 23 lessons such as 'How Kevin Judges In-Play Stats' and 'How to Set Up Telegram and Email Alerts'.

Main Trading Stats lesson in our Launchpad football trading course

Beginner Strategies

Most new Goal Profits members are not completely new to trading, but some have only recently opened their Betfair account and started to have a dig around. Whatever your level, the Beginner Strategies course is your next stop.

The first chapter - Goal Profits Trading - contains the following lessons:

  • Rules of Football Trading
  • Managing your Time
  • Building your Portfolio
  • Managing your Portfolio
  • Price Movement
  • A Few Minutes is Worth £15,000

The remainder of the course concentrates on the football trading strategies themselves, including plenty of examples.

Yes, there are strategies such as 'lay the draw' which have been around a long time. However, professional traders use them every day for good reason. If you get your trade selection right, you're patient enough and you stake correctly - they work!

As I already mentioned, get things right from day one and you'll have a much easier time later on.

If you're new to trading, take your time and ask for help whenever you need it. We're online 7 days a week to help you.

Advanced Trade Selection

The fifth course available to Goal Profits members is the Advanced Trade Selection course.

It begins with a chapter on Trading Psychology:

  • Holy Grail
  • Personal Psychology
  • Small Changes, Big Results
  • Building a Wall
  • Further Reading

The course then moves on to the much larger topic of trade selection.

Until now, suitable games for trading have been identified through ready-made shortlists. The Intermediate section of Launchpad, however, is where we start to get you using the various research tools to find your own opportunities.

There are two main benefits to this. The first, of course, is that you're not fighting over Betfair liquidity with other members. That's certainly more important in smaller markets, but also as stakes increase.

The other benefit is that you start to figure out your own trading style. There's no point following aggressive strategies with high risk/reward if you're a conservative trader. That'll make you very uncomfortable and you're not going to enjoy your trading at all.

Once you figure out which type of trades you're most comfortable with and you're able to find your own opportunities, you'll be much more confident about the entire process. It makes a huge difference.

Tim's Shortlists lesson in our Launchpad football trading course

Advanced Strategies

Launchpad ends with our Advanced Strategies course.

Many of these strategies are not particularly complicated. Most professional traders use simple strategies in order to make their living, concentrating most of their effort on selecting the right games to trade.

It's all about trade selection... and that includes having the discipline and patience to wait for the right opportunities to put your hard-earned money at risk.

That's all you need to be a successful football trader. Compound your bank over time, sticking to what works for you, doing the same thing over and over. It's not particularly difficult, as long as you don't get impatient and mess up a fantastic situation.

It's easy to assume that you will make bigger and faster profits as time goes by - and some will - but most do not. If you make a consistent 5-10pts per month for a number of years, then you're going to do very well from trading and enjoy a comfortable life.

Viking v Rosenborg trade example in our Launchpad football trading course

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