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Welcome to your free football tips page! Team Stats is going to provide you with a shortlist of fixtures every day from 80 leagues worldwide.

First Half Heaven is an easy, low-risk strategy to help you get started with football trading. It's aimed at complete beginners, so you don't need any prior trading experience at all.

FHH is also a great introduction to the power of Team Stats and what this unique software can do for you. Read more about Team Stats here.

With disciplined match selection, FHH will be profitable for you long-term. However, if you go at it like a bull in a china shop and back every selection without a second thought, you are going to struggle.

There's a good reason that people go to work on a Monday morning rather than pull cash out of Betfair... trading isn't easy! If you really want to be successful, you must trade smarter than all those other people on Betfair who keep losing money.

If you're not making the profit you want from your football trading yet - and I assume that's why you're here - it's time to change.

Look within yourself to find the discipline and determination needed to reach your trading goals. Give up gambling and losing money, making a profit is far more enjoyable!

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Free Football Tips for Today

All of the fixtures below have passed the initial First Half Heaven selection filters. Use the quick and easy research methods shown in the First Half Heaven eBook to pick out a strong double.

Before you risk even one penny, make sure you know exactly how First Half Heaven works!

Note: Selections will only appear in newly started leagues once the home team has played a minimum of three home games and the away team has played a minimum of three away games.

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