Complete List of Official Football Club X (Twitter) Accounts

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Most professional clubs have official X (Twitter) accounts that they use to share information that's useful to football traders.

X, or Twitter as many of us still know it as, has revolutionised the way that breaking news is shared.

All of us now have access to the very latest news, including team news which is especially vital for pre-match traders.

When the market finds out that a key player is missing (or unexpectedly returning from injury) prices move much more than normal, creating a profitable opportunity.

Of course, none of us want to follow the official X (Twitter) accounts of every team; we want relevant news when we need it.

In order to make that as easy as possible, we maintain lists of official football club X (Twitter) accounts for the leagues which are most popular with traders.

You can subscribe to these lists - completely free - so that you have every account to hand whenever you need it.

How to Subscribe to X (Twitter) Lists

It takes a matter of seconds to subscribe to a list:

  1. Click on each of the buttons below for the leagues you're interested in.
  2. Click the subscribe button for each (as shown in the example image).
  3. That's it!
Twitter list subscribe button

It will save you being spammed to death by midweek Tweets about teams and players you have no interest in until it's time to trade.

X (Twitter) Accounts for Winter Leagues

X (Twitter) Accounts for Summer Leagues

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