New Goal Profits Members: From Launchpad Into Orbit

View of planet Earth from orbit

It's been a while since our last update. Kevin and I have been very busy over the summer adding new bits and pieces to Team Stats, testing new football trading strategies plus, of course, supporting members.

We have also given Launchpad a complete overhaul and added a brand new module called "Orbit".

Having collected feedback from members over more than six months, we completely redesigned Launchpad. We now have a "GP Basics" section which deals with FAQs, Glossary and introduces the Launchpad Mentors as well as Team Stats.

New members then move on to "Trading Basics" which covers:

  • Mindset
  • Build Your Portfolio
  • Bank Management
  • Staking
  • Results
  • Dealing With Losses

There are then 16 weekly modules which start out with two simple strategies and end with a section on the "Path to Pro" football trading.

Once members have completed Launchpad - with our full support along the way - they have a personalised trading portfolio. They then move on to "Orbit" which looks at more advanced aspects of trading, such as:

  • Psychology of Trading
  • Trading Styles
  • Financial Freedom

Unsurprisingly, this section has gone down very well with experienced members as well as those looking ahead to their impending success.

Steve/Kevin the new Orbit is first class. I now know exactly what I am aiming for and I am more confident than ever that I will get it. I am very excited about the new season and my figures show that I should be able to at least move to part-time work in 2018 so that I can trade for the rest of the time. I do not see how anyone can fail. It is very simple when you break it down in Launchpad and now Orbit. Thank you.

Goal Profits member

Just wanted to add my congratulations for the "Orbit" Section - It's absolutely brilliant and if anyone can't make this work after using Launchpad and Orbit then I am baffled.

Launchpad Mentor 

We're not sitting back either... we have yet more plans to improve the Members Area and will be adding to Team Stats too.

Exciting times!

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