How to Win with Inplay Football Trading on Betfair

Inplay football trading has been growing in popularity over the past few years.

Many of the most exciting (and profitable) football trading strategies are inplay and all of us can now trade on-the-go thanks to our smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Detailed football stats have always been available, though not always in the best format for football traders! Team Stats fixed that problem in 2013 and now, thanks to our Live Stats Module, we also have access to live football scores and stats.

In this post, I will introduce the Live Stats Module (LSM) and explain how it can revolutionise your football trading too.

We first started developing the LSM in 2014. Rather than simply produce another inplay football scanner, we wanted to build the best inplay trading tool we possibly could; as we had already done with Team Stats. Live football stats are available at almost any bookie for free but, when trading football for a living, that's not good enough.

Before, when live trading football, I was forced to write down inplay stats myself at regular intervals. I even made a stats sheet for it!

Inplay football trading stats sheet

Of course, this was time-consuming and I could only keep track of a small number of games at once. In addition, I had to be sat at my screen scribbling down numbers.

Thankfully, all of that is in the past.

Goal Profits members can now log in at any time of the day or night and access live inplay football stats. No matter what stage of any match, we can all see exactly what has been happening and identify trading opportunities which would otherwise be missed.

We can set our own filters, ignore matches we're not interested in and so on. The LSM even displays football trading alerts while matches are being played.

Here's a Real Life Example

I don't know anything about the Colombian Primera A (and nor do most UK traders!). Late one night, I logged in to the LSM and saw that Medellín were playing Allianza Petrolera.

On 68' the LSM showed that Medellín had been attacking throughout the game - and still were.

Live Trading Module

In the last 10 minutes alone, they'd had 5 shots - 1 on target, 2 off target and 2 blocked. 2 of those shots had been inside the penalty area and the other 3 had been attempted from outside.

Medellín had had no corners, but they'd managed 12 dangerous attacks (which is defined as possession in the attacking third of the pitch).

The away team were not sitting back to defend either, which was great news. After all, if a team is clinging to the hope of a 0-0 draw then I don't want to go looking for goals!

The rest of my research to just a couple of minutes, thanks to Team Stats. I could see that Medellín had scored in 16/16 home games this season, while Allianza Petrolera had conceded in 12/16.

I could also see that Medellín had a good home record overall and had won 7/8 home games against bottom half teams. Allianza Petrolera away from home had only won once (against the bottom team).

Our League Table Analaysis page showed me that Medellín's 2nd place attack was playing against Petrolera's 17th place defence and with the LSM showing attacking play, I was happy to trade.

I backed Medellín at 3.00 and layed the draw below 2.00 as cover. I also layed U1.5 goals at 1.40 and U2.5 goals at 1.10 (just in case!).

Medellín's goal on 76' allowed me to green up the Match Odds market and I left the game to run.

Medellín v Alianza Petrolera Match Odds market on Betfair

The second goal on 89' brought in a bit more profit to add to my bank.

Medellín v Alianza Petrolera inplay football trading profit on Betfair

It was a very quick trade, taking just 10 minutes (including greening up the Match Odds market).

£95.74 profit all thanks to the inplay football stats which all Goal Profits members have full access to.

Oh and for those who claim that they "don't have time" to trade" that's still a load of rubbish! I had 3 trades - all winners - over 5 days and that's more than enough to put me on track for my monthly profit target. Could I have done it without the LSM and Team Stats? Nope!

Inplay football trading profit on Betfair over 5 days

The Live Stats Module is, by far, the best trading tool I've ever used.

Now, there's yet another reason to join our football trading community!

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