Football Trading Results: How to Get the Best Profits

Steve Brown, creator of Goal Profits football trading community.

When I first started out, I thought that I could sign up to a bunch of tipsters and bank profits for the rest of my days. Yes, I was one of those who fell for the "Holy Grail of betting" myth.

It wasn't long though before I realised that in the real world, those sort of betting fantasies are impossible. ​There's only one way to long-term success and that is to take control of your own future.

Football trading results

I receive many emails asking questions such as, "if I join Goal Profits, can I make £1,000 profit ​every month?". The answer is very definitely "yes, you can make £1,000 profit every month" though that would assume that you are an experienced trader and you have a good-sized trading bank.

Others want to know what football trading results have been achieved over the previous 12 months. Now that really is a difficult question! After all, if I reply with Kevin's trading results then they are going to see what can be achieved by a very experienced and often aggressive trader. That is no help whatsoever to anyone just started out. In fact, it probably gives a false impression of exactly what is achievable right away.

The better question - which hardly anyone asks - would be, "if I join Goal Profits, work through everything you teach and apply it, ​could I be earning a good second income within the next 12 months?". That's a definite "yes" and it applies to everyone.

Unfortunately, the scammers in this industry have done a good job of making people believe that it's easy to find a betting system which achieves incredible results. You and I both know that it's just a sales pitch, but so many still believe that it exists - if only they can find it.

Let's face facts; if there really was a magic betting system then I wouldn't be writing this now and you wouldn't be reading it.​ We'd both be sat in front of Betfair, making wads of cash!

So how exactly can you achieve the football trading results you want?​

Trading v betting

Firstly, it's important to understand that trading is far more profitable then betting.

This graph shows the difference between betting and trading the exact same football matches over the first six months of 2016. There was a small profit for betting, but the bank was more than doubled with trading.

Kevin Laverick's £30k Challenge Results Betting v Trading 2016

Bookies are trimming margins more than ever these days and, with their teams of mathematicians and analysts, going up against them with straight betting is tough going. Nothing is impossible, of course, but it doesn't make much sense to take the more difficult route to success.

Learning to trade v betting tips

Now, let's look at traditional tipping services and why they often fail.

Tipsters come and go, sometimes within a matter of weeks. The ones who start off well and become popular, soon find that maintaining value is a problem.

Since starting our betting system review section we have heard plenty of complaints that prices are not available for various bets soon after tip emails are sent out. Members pile on, bookies cut prices and the value which was once there is lost.

Without value, of course, there is no chance of long-term profitability. Anyone looking to make a long-term income from betting/trading must be in control of their profits.

Relying on someone else for tips is not a secure plan for the future. What if the tipster decides to close the service? What then? Even worse, what if the service becomes incredibly popular, value erodes and your trading bank gradually shrinks? You might not even realise until it's too late!

Following a successful tipster can make you some profit short/medium-term but, when you learn how to trade, you take control of your future and remove the risk.

How to learn trading

As with all aspects of football trading, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way.

When I started ​out I searched for Betfair trading strategies which I could use to make a profit. I quickly discovered a number of things:

  • No two traders are exactly the same. Some are very aggressive and comfortable with taking risks, while others prefer to keep things much safer. It might be that an aggressive trader ends up with exactly the same profit at the end of a year as a conservative trader, but the journey to that point will be very different.
  • When a trading system is released and sells lots of copies, you instantly have a large number of traders fighting over the same liquidity at betting exchanges. This exactly what happened to 'lay the draw' and why we had to adapt in order to keep it profitable.
  • Betting exchange markets are always evolving. They respond to changes in trading behaviour and trends in each league around the world. When I bought system eBooks they were never updated, but left to go stale over time.

I'll be honest... I struggled. In fact, I blew my first trading bank with no problem at all and had to rebuild it through Bonus Bagging. It was a long road to success, teaching myself mindset and discipline through using the Assured Soccer Profits system.

Luckily for me, I have an analytical brain and, when it comes to numbers, I'm a proper geek! I started to build my own football trading stats database so that I could develop my own strategies.

It's certainly not the easiest way to learn trading though.

Start trading today for free

Here's a free football trading strategy to get you started. It isn't any old rubbish either; it's much better than many systems you'll find for sale. My unique Team Statistics software will find you selections every day in 65 leagues worldwide and I'll give you access to those for free too!

Learning to trade the easier way

Football trading is a skill which has to be learned over time. No-one invests £1,000 into the stock market and expects instant success; trading on Betfair is no different.

​One of the best ways to learn a skill is to get stuck in and make mistakes. Eventually, you learn from those mistakes and become a better at it. The problem with that though is that it's disheartening and takes a long time. With football trading, mistakes can be expensive too!

A much better way is to learn from someone who has already made those mistakes and can guide you away from them. Even better than that is if you can learn from a number of experts.

At Goal Profits, we have built 'Launchpad' which will guide you step-by-step. It is broken down into 26 parts and introduces a new football trading strategy each time.

The real beauty of it, however, is the support. You will receive whatever help you need at any time, with direct access to two professional traders.

There are also 'Launchpad Mentors' who started out as members, learned how to trade and now share their experience to help others achieve the same.​ What could be better than having your questions answered by someone who has actually done what you are now setting out to do?

We were voted "Best Product" in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Awards won by Goal Profits Betfair football trading community

Goal Profits is an award winning football trading community, not simply a tipping service for bets where everyone achieves the same profits and losses each day. You will learn exactly how to trade in a friendly and supportive environment, rather than placing bets from an email. As you already know, that is not any sort of long-term plan.

And no member is ever left to fend for themselves; we're not that type of place.

You will have immediate access to 28 football trading strategies across more than 60 leagues worldwide. We will show how to develop your own portfolio of systems which you enjoy using and which suit your individual trading style.

This is absolutely vital and where almost every other trading system fails. Everyone is different and needs to be looked after as an individual. A few eBook downloads is not good enough.

Finding matches to trade

Team Statistics does most of the selection work which suits everyone. Inexperienced traders have most of the tricky research done for them, while longer-term members save a lot of time.

All members are able to use their preferred trading strategies ​at times to suit, with no need to rely on a tips email. Of course, because of this flexibility and personalised trading portfolio for each individual member, keeping a standard set of trading results is impossible.

Our 28 strategies are broken down into the following sections:​

  • First half trading strategies
  • Second half trading strategies
  • Full match trading strategies
  • Correct score trading strategies

Many of the strategies are very simple to use and don't require much time or effort in-play. You're not glued to your computer for any of them either, that would be silly.

Our strategies are constantly updated too, so you don't need to worry about losing your advantage over everyone else trying to make a profit on Betfair.​

Members who are achieving the most success are those who only get involved with the very strongest trades. It is not a case of trading lots of matches, but a small number of very strong selections. This is great because who on earth doesn't want more profit for less work?

Remember, trading is all about avoiding losses rather than hitting winners.​

Success stories

There are an increasing number of Goal Profits success stories. You have probably read Bryn’s story already – click here – and his is just one of many. He has now become a Launchpad Mentor and loves to help others achieve the same level of success that he is enjoying.

If you want to trade at a serious level, there is no better place to learn.

Since the introduction of Kevin’s e-books and the absolutely massive growth of Team Stats I have managed to transform completely the way I trade – onto my third month now of “my new way of trading” which thanks to Kevin’s simple but very effective decision making spreadsheet has given me absolutely amazing results…

  • June – 42.51 points profit
  • July – 28.51 points profit (only 7 days trading due to work commitments)
  • August – 9.37 points profit in 3 days.

All this from limiting myself to a maximum 3 systems per day!

Thankfully my work will start to quieten down over the next few weeks so i can really focus on growing the results! Thanks so much for everything you have done to make Goal Profits what it is today.

Goal Profits member

I’ve been building my bank very steadily from £100 to £700 with strictly small stakes. Taking my time to build my knowledge. The site is so educational and I’m learning so much and being successful with my own trades and the team stats selected trades have been a great success. Very happy.

Goal Profits member

Just thought you might like the hear the results of my first full month using GP trading techniques. Living in Thailand I miss out on a few matches due to the later kick-off times but I managed to make a total of 66 trades in August including 25 correct score trades. I made an average of 3% of my starting bank per day, so have almost doubled my bank during August. It would be amazing if that trend continued!

Thanks for all the hard work that yourself and Kevin put in.

Goal Profits member