Football Trading Results: Kevin’s January 2016 Profits

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Kevin Laverick, football trader at Goal Profits.

I have recently posted a breakdown of my football trading results for January 2016 in the Goal Profits member forum.

For those who just want to know the profit figure, here it is: £3,107.08.

However, if you are more interested in how to improve your own football trading and achieve similar results, here is more detail about how I did it.

Betfair Balances

Here are my Betfair main wallet and Australian wallet profits from a £10k trading bank:

Kevin Laverick's Betfair football trading profit for January 2016

Full Football Trading Review

January was an odd month really, both trading wise and personally.

The first 10 days were great, plenty of goals about and pretty easy to find them too. The last 20 days were pretty difficult truth be told, but the football trading Gods were with me during that time because during the second half of January I was unable to trade for most of it due to personal circumstances with regards to my wife’s health problems and hospital visits. That saved me some heartache I am sure.

Anyway let’s start at the beginning. I started the month with a trading bank of £10,000, using £100 per point. Now as most of you know, I always take a 10pt profit each month as something to aim for. With a bank of £10k that would mean a profit of £1,000.

The first 10 days of the month were great, plenty of goals around and I was able to find a couple of big winning correct score trades early on in the month, which is always a big bonus.

Sunderland v Villa was one of those on 2nd January, and then Palermo v Fiorentina on the 6th. Those two together gave me a 10pts start. The Wigan v Gillingham game just a day later gave me another 5pts profit and I was off to a flier.

From that point on it was just a case of holding things together, picking up a point here and there, not being too aggressive, keeping big losses at bay, taking bread and butter bets/trades that add profit more slowly.

Then 9th January was a pivotal day really, both good and bad. I hit another big correct score winner with Fiorentina v Lazio; Fiorentina were my team of the month for sure! Another 5 points banked, but also we became aware that Jean needed a few hospital visits.

All in all that took around two weeks to sort out before we got the good news that she had been given the all clear. Fortunately, after a few losses with my trades, I had the presence of mind to put a hold on it whilst the hospital visits were ongoing and did virtually nothing until the last weekend in January.

As it turned out, the last weekend in January did me no favours at all but at the same time it was a case of holding firm and doing nothing silly; which is exactly what I did.

A real topsy-turvy month but a nice profit at the end of it. Those early correct score trades really stood me in good stead.


My monthly football trading profit was £3,087, or +30.87 points, from just two weeks of trading. That is an increase on my trading bank of almost 31%.

Now a profit of £3,000 may not seem much, but from a bank of £10k it is pretty damn good, especially when I only traded for half of the month.

It is probably not possible to do the same as that each month but just look at the damage you could do if that was maintained throughout the year and you compounded as you went.

By the end of 2016, that £10,000 bank would have turned into a bank of £252,395. An overall annual profit of more than £240,000, or more than £20,000 profit each month.

Those figures are staggering and take some thinking about. While you are doing that, consider the fact that it starts with a bank of just £10k. If you had a bank of £50k just think about what damage you could do with that!

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