Football Trading Results: Kevin’s April 2016 Profits

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Kevin Laverick, football trader at Goal Profits.

April 2016 showed another profit, though it was a bit lopsided. I did very little football trading in the first 2 weeks, just 18 trades in fact. In the second half of the month I managed 40 trades, and that is where most of the profit came from.

Headline figures
  • Number of Trades: 58
  • Total Profit: 31pts
  • Average per Trade: 0.53pt
Breaking it down

In my trades I look for an average of 0.5pt profit per trade, so it was pretty much spot on in April, in fact it was very slightly better than usual.

So far in 2016 I have had 240 trades and made 118 points profit, to give an average of 0.49 points profit per trade, very slightly below my target but certainly within range.

In 2016 I am averaging 60 trades per month, which is well below what I would normally look for. In general I look for around 90 to 100 trades per month.

If I can do that number it means that I am turning my bank over each month, that in turn means that my bank would be working hard enough for me and I would be getting the very best out of it. By only managing 60 trades per month the bank is not working at full capacity, so I am not getting full value out of it.

Sometimes though other factors come into play that mean you can’t always do as much trading as you would like, so this has to be taken into account too. So my overall profit in 2016 may be down on previous years but that is purely because I have not done as much trading.

The profit per trade is almost bang on target and that is the measure that I tend to go by anyway.

Looking at April itself I had trades in 17 out of the 30 days, and just 5 out of my 20 systems showed a loss over the month.

Trading strategies

Unusually for me, my big loser this month was Rambo. I only played 2 of them but they were both 2pt losers. Lay the draw 1 and 2 both showed small losses, as did over 2.5 goals.

The other loser for me in April was SH00T, that is the second month in a row it has shown a loss, so I will drop that one for now and replace it with another system.

As for the big winners in April, the BTS and 65/75 both had 3 winners out of 3. Also, 1001 had 2 winners from 2 selections. Those 3 systems together gave 10.2pt profit.

There were other nice winners with SH15, Over 3.5 goals, Match Odds, FHH, Sc2H, H00T, DNB, 2+. Those 8 systems gave 18.9pt profit between them.

So along with the 3 systems above they gave 29.1pt profit, virtually all the monthly profit.

The April profits would have been much higher had there been any success with correct score trades, but that did not happen, so hopefully they will come to the fore in May.

Having said that though, I am still very pleased with how April went and look forward to more of the same next month.

May sees the end of the league season across Europe, so I will turn to the summer leagues and get ready for Euro 2016 in June.

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