Custom Shortlist Pro: Find Football Trades in Seconds!

Imagine you click a button and a shortlist of potential trading opportunities pops up on your screen. 

I remember what it was like to have a set of selection filters for a particular strategy and a list of dozens upon dozens of fixtures to check off... one by one... it was horrendous!

All I do now is click a button saved on my browser toolbar and a list of fixtures pops up, complete with full Team Stats. I then research a much smaller number of fixtures in more detail on the very same page.

I can't begin to imagine how many hours Custom Shortlist Pro has saved me!

Build Your Own Shortlist

Back in the day, we designed a very simple shortlist builder. Unimaginatively, we called it "Build Your Own Shortlist" and Goal Profits members still have access to it today. It's a good starting point for beginners.

As you can see below, you're able to filter upcoming fixtures by various stats in order to produce a shortlist.

Build Your Own Shortlist

However, we're much more ambitious than that!

Soon after launching Build Your Own Shortlist, we set about designing a much more comprehensive shortlist builder... a 'pro' version... and Custom Shortlist Pro was born.

Introduction to Custom Shortlist Pro

This is what CSP looks like when you first open it up within the Members Area.

It's pretty much a blank sheet of paper, ready for you to start adding your selection filters or load filters you have previously saved.

Custom Shortlist Pro

You're able to choose from a large number of row options and each one of those has many more variables which can be customised. They match the rows available on the Team Stats Database, which makes the process of back-testing to live-testing very easy.

Here's how it all works.

First, there is a list of row options. You can choose as many rows as you like, you can even add the same rows repeatedly in order to specify conditions for the home and away team based on the same stats.

You then choose whether to search the fixture list for today, tomorrow or up to a week ahead. Finally, you choose the minimum number of games during the current season which each team must have played.

This is important because the more games that have been played, the more reliable stats will be. Early season form can be tricky to handle, but we do have options for that within Team Stats which factors in the previous season.

Custom Shortlist Pro: List of rows
Custom Shortlist Pro: Search fixtures up to 7 days ahead
Custom Shortlist Pro: Choose minimum number of games played

So... here's a simple row which states you want to see all fixtures for today in which the home team has won at least half their home games.

You could change 'home team' to 'away team' or 'both teams', 'the home team has' to 'the home team has not', 'won' to 'drawn' or 'lost', 'full match' to 'first half' or 'second half', 'more than' to 'less than', 'this season' to 'the last 10 ganes' and so on.

The 'Win/Draw/Lose' row alone has 24 variables before you even factor in the fact that the percentage can be any value you choose!

Custom Shortlist Pro: Example of filters

As I already showed you, there are 16 different rows which leads to literally thousands of possible combinations for your own shortlists.

Below, I have added a second row which states that in addition to the first condition, the average of both teams going over 2.5 goals must also be more than 50%.

A couple of fixtures satisfy both criteria, Jablonec v Slovacko and Barcelona v Elche.

Custom Shortlist Pro: Example of filters

The really cool thing is that this page also contains the full version of Team Stats, so if I click on a fixture it will display whichever Team Stats data I want. I can complete my trade research without ever leaving the Custom Shortlist Pro page. What a time saver!

CSP also allows you to add different groups, so that you can get even more creative.

Below, I have added a second group of rows which states that the home team must have won more than 50% of their home games and that the away team must be positioned in the bottom half of the league table.

What you will notice is that qualifying fixtures will be displayed if they satisfy either Group 1 or Group 2. I could change 'or' to 'and' if I prefer, which changes the whole dynamic of the shortlist again.

Custom Shortlist Pro: Example of filters

You can add up to 5 Groups which leads to some very detailed sets of selection filters!

So that you don't have to input each row every day, you're able to save a custom URL and access your shortlist with one click any time you like. You can even share your shortlist with other Goal Profits members, perhaps in the chat room, and ask for help or advice.

Custom Shortlist Pro: Save filters

Here's an example of a simple filter which worked out well.

I asked Custom Shortlist Pro to show me fixtures in which the home team had a green rated attack (good) and the away team had a red rated defence (bad). Only one game satisfied the criteria on this particular day, Brentford v Sheffield Wednesday.

Custom Shortlist Pro: Example of filters

Brentford won the game very easily, but the home win was only available at 1.70.

However, Brentford -1 on the Asian Handicap was priced at 2.15 and an excellent winner.

Custom Shortlist Pro: Match result

Here's a similar filter, looking for both the home and away teams to have green attacks (good) and both the home and away teams to not have green defences (not good). Again, only one fixture satisfied these criteria.

Custom Shortlist Pro: Example of filters

I don't know anything abour Slovenian football... but Custom Shortlist Pro found me an Over 2.5 Goals winner!

Custom Shortlist Pro: Match result

Within our Launchpad football trading course, I have shared a set of filters which does a great job of identifying which team will score first.

One Tuesday evening, it returned this list of fixtures...

Custom Shortlist Pro: First team to score example

...and the home team scored first in 5/5!

Custom Shortlist Pro: First team to score results

If you have already read about Team Stats, you will know that we group leagues into different zones, with European A and B being the bigger leagues in Europe. These tend to be more consistent than smaller leagues and they certainly have more Betfair liquidity.

On this evening, there were two European A/B fixtures so I placed a £25 double and banked £35.24 set-and-forget profit at 141% ROI.

Custom Shortlist Pro: First team to score results

I ran the filter again on a Saturday afternoon and the home team scored first in 10/11 fixtures!

I trebled 3 of the better priced qualifiers and was rewarded with another easy set-and-forget profit.

Custom Shortlist Pro: First team to score results

I'm sure that, by now, you're seeing the many possibilities which Custom Shortlist Pro offers. The fact that it ties in so neatly with Team Stats and the Team Stats Database makes it even more useful.

Try Custom Shortlist Pro for £1

Time is valuable and Custom Shortlist Pro is going to save you a LOT of it. You'll be able to research potential trades much more thoroughly, improve your trading results and spend more time away from your screen.

You will get full access to Custom Shortlist Pro when you start your £1 trial today.

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