Create Your Own Football Betting System Today for FREE!

Here is a fantastic free resource which could make you a consistent profit!

It's not as difficult as you think to put together a football betting system of your own. I'm certainly not going to tell you that it's easy, but it's far from impossible if you have some patience and determination.

How to Create your Football Betting System

The first thing to come up with is an idea; an angle. Are you going to base your system around home wins? Draws? Underdogs at home? Favourites away? Evenly matched teams? Or any number of other possible scenarios.

There are so many different ways to approach a system! It might be as simple as backing every draw which falls into a specified price range or backing odds-on away favourites in certain leagues.

What you need then is plenty of historical data to work with and what could be easier than free data which you can download right into Excel?

I've researched systems before using data that I've collected daily over many months and I promise you, it's painstaking! Once you have an idea which could make you money, you want to prove it right away and not wait three, six or even twelve months while you collect data.

At Football-Data you can download full and half-time results for a number of league across Europe. The data goes back to 1993/94 so there's plenty to work with.

Since 2000/01, additional statistics have been collected including shots on goal, corners, fouls, offsides, bookings, red cards and referees for the major European leagues (English Premier League and lower divisions, Scottish Premiership, German Bundesliga, Spanish Primera Liga, Italian Serie A and French Ligue 1).

Historical match betting odds data from up to ten major online bookmakers are available back to 2000/01. Since 2005/06 average and maximum prices for match betting, total goals and Asian Handicap have also been collected from Betbrain.

Imagine being able to track which teams suffer lots of yellow and red cards with certain referees and how that could be used to make a profit!

This is an incredible resource and completely free of charge.

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Avoid Scams

I have used the data to check out the accuracy of other systems which are offered to me.

There was a system on sale at the start of the 2011/12 season which promised a profit by backing the draw in every English Premier League game when the price was in a certain range. It claimed a decent profit over previous seasons and that this would continue.

I went back five seasons using Football-Data and discovered that there was a small profit the previous season and then losses the four seasons before that. What a scam!

Because the data is downloaded right into Excel, it only took me about an hour to research. If I'm offered anything like that again it will be easy to prove/disprove before we start a betting system review.

Free Football Match Prediction PDF

If you need some additional help, there is also a free PDF which you can download.

Team Stats Excel

As a free resource, Football-Data does a great job. However, it doesn't provide all the stats I need as a football trader investigating robust trading strategies.

Just as I developed Team Stats because Soccerway and the like do not have all the stats I need for football trading, Team Stats Excel came about in 2015.

Updates are emailed out every morning in .csv format so that the data can be manipulated in any spreadsheet or database program. Rather than just basic stats, it shows a huge number of them for every match played in more than 60 leagues worldwide.

Imagine being able to look at all matches with a first half goal probability above 90%, for example, then see how many actually had a goal. And from there, looking at other indicators which raise the strike rate.

There are now more than 50,000 matches recorded and a number of Goal Profits members have developed their own highly successful systems.

It's an amazing tool and costs Goal Profits members as little as 17p per day.

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  1. Hi, I’ve just started to look into betting systems I was wondering if u could start me off with a successfulish system, with a little start up? I don’t know of any systems, this is my first stop…

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