Betfair Football Trading

How to improve your Betfair football trading with advice, tips and tricks from professional traders.

Soccer ball on a football pitch and a 0-0 score

What Percentage of Football Matches End 0-0?

A common question among football traders is, how many football matches end 0-0? Using Team Stats Trends within the Goal Profits Members Area, this is dead easy to answer. And it throws up some interesting facts too.

Two traders chatting in our football chat room.

How to Improve Your Trading with our Football Chat Room

How a football chat room will help you become a more profitable football trader. I wish I'd had in-play access to so much trading experience when I was starting out!

A football which has not quite crossed the goal line.

How to Identify When Goals are Down and Trade Profitably

How did the lack of goals across the world affect football trading and betting during the summer of 2015? I investigate goal trends and more.

Profitable football trading: stop dreaming, start doing

Football Betting Systems that Work

Everyone is different, so football betting systems that work for some are not always right for others. This is how to find strategies which are ideal for you.

A Goal Profits member's success story; from redundancy to profit.

Patience, Determination, Discipline and Redundancy: Then Success!

I would like to share with you an incredible success story. Imagine being made redundant and using part of your redundancy package to put a trading bank together. That's pressure! But what if you were able to start making enough...

Football trading profits for a Goal Profits member over the last month.

£10,681.89 Reasons Why YOU Should Master Football Trading

This is an email which Kevin received from a member who had been struggling with football trading. With our support he has turned things around spectacularly!

U-turn symbol

U-Turn: I Never Thought I Would Enjoy Trading So Much!

James has been a member of Goal Profits for just four months but has already gone from disappointment and frustration to optimism and excitement!

Value is King

Value Betting is King and the Key to Long-Term Profit

Betting and trading with value is the one key factor that will decide your success or failure. If you do it often enough you will succeed, if not you'll fail.

Man drawing a profit graph onto a chalkboard.

From Scratch to Profit: Why Quitting is a Mistake

In my time with Goal Profits I have learnt so much. Because of that I genuinely believe I am close to turning 'scratch' into PROFIT!

Cartoon police officer

The Exciting Journey from Police Officer to Football Trader

As a police officer I used to escort some of the worlds' best footballers to Fratton Park, now I'm looking to profit from football itself by Betfair trading.

A sign of fear

How to Stop Fear of Loss Affecting Your Football Trading

If you stare anxiously at the red number, willing the ‘suspended’ sign to appear for a goal, then you are at least partly being controlled by fear of loss.

A pile of £1 coins

Why It’s a Mistake to Focus on the Stakes NOT the Returns

It was interesting to read some of the comments in the trading chat room during the Europa League matches last night. In the absence of Steve & Kevin there were some excellent suggestions from the members for in-play trades, particularly...

Word cloud based on betting, trading and gambling phrases.

Warning! Football Trading and System Hopping Don’t Mix

A couple of weeks a go I had to stop to ask myself WHY I was trading football, the reasoning behind it and what I really wanted to achieve.

Man burning £50 notes.

No! Don’t Forget the Value of Money When Football Trading

This is the most valuable lesson that Goal Profits has taught me. Here are some tips to help you avoid the mistakes I made when I started football trading.

A man sat in front of his laptop and punching the air after making a football trading profit on Betfair.

Happy to Turn the Corner with my Betfair Football Trading

This is how I went from Betfair lemming to ex-lemming! Whether I have cracked this trading game or not, I'm having fun and finally making a profit.

Man who has just made a big mistake.

How to Stop ‘Sunday League’ Mistakes when Trading Football

Due to poor discipline, it’s fair to say I’ve had my share of ‘Sunday League’ moments during my football trades. Here's some ideas to stop it happening to you.

Balancing act between trading too much and too little.

Over-Trading Football is a Mistake: 17pts Profit is Proof

Trading fewer football matches makes more profit and takes up less of your precious time. Here's the proof that less is more when it comes to football trading.

Interview with Steve Brown of Goal Profits

Podcast Interview with Football Trader Steve Brown (2014)

This is an interview with Steve Brown, founder of Goal Profits football trading community. It was recorded in 2014 and released on the Betcast podcast.