Betfair Football Trading

How to improve your Betfair football trading with advice, tips and tricks from professional traders.

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Second Half In-Play Football Trading (£102.98 Profit)

I show you exactly how to pick out a strong second half trade and make a profit from it, using a French Ligue 2 fixture between Lorient and Sochaux.

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What Size Bank do You Need to Become a Full-Time Trader?

One of the most common questions that new traders want answering is “how much do I need in my bank to trade full-time?”. Let’s look at some figures.

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Why do Most Football Traders Lose Money?

Many traders can pick winners but can’t actually make money. You must learn how to control your bank, how to keep it safe and how to make your money work for you.

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Learn Before You Earn (Start Football Trading the Right Way)

The most frequent question I get asked by newbies is, "What do I do to get started?". The very best answer I can give is, "Do nothing".

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Dealing with Losing Runs: 5 Rules for Football Traders

Every football trader has to deal with losing runs. When nothing seems to be going right, here are five rules to help get you back to winning ways.

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What are the Best Leagues for Football Trading in Summer?

There are plenty of summer leagues worth trading once the English Premier League season ends. If you're not taking advantage, you're really missing out!

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The (Insane) Facts & Figures Fuelling the Betting Industry

We all know that the bookmakers profit from our losing bets, but the actual amount that they make is simply extortionate!

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Matchbook Betting Exchange: Cheap (1.5% Commission), But Reliable

Betfair leads the way in exchange betting, but Matchbook offer a superior service for those looking to maximise their profits, with just 1.5% commission.

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£375.51 Profit Banked with Betfair Exchange & Sportsbook

I show you exactly how I made £375.51 profit in one evening from Betfair Exchange & Sportsbook. I even included my handwritten shortlist!

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BETDAQ Exchange: an Excellent Alternative to Betfair

Betfair dominate the betting exchange market, but second best BETDAQ still manage to match more than £75 million worth of bets each week.

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Football Trading: Doing Nothing is Often the Best Plan

When football trades go wrong, it's tempting to panic and fiddle about with your positions. However, matches last 90 minutes and it's often best to do nothing.

A man holding up a yellow sticky note with "THE BIGGER PICTURE" written in black text.

Football Trading Case Study: See The Bigger Picture

This is why football trading is all about seeing the bigger picture (and how I made £110.35 profit in no time at all by treating everything as one big trade).

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Smarkets: An innovative betting exchange to rival Betfair

Betfair takes the crown when it comes to betting exchanges, but Smarkets has offered a brilliant alternative since launching in February 2010.

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Case Study: Football Trading with Value (Super Simple)

Football trading with value is vital if you want to make a profit on Betfair and it's a lot easier than you think! Here's exactly what to look for.

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Free Football Stats: 65 Worldwide Leagues Updated Daily

Here are free football stats for all upcoming fixtures in 65 leagues worldwide. This is just a taster of what our powerful Team Stats software can do for you.

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How to Find Great Value in the Betfair Match Odds Market

Friday evenings offer plenty of football trading opportunities. Here's how to pick out winning trades in the Betfair Match Odds market.

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Using Betfair’s ‘Next Goal’ Market for Great Risk/Reward

There were not many trading angles for Nantes v Caen, but Betfair's Next Goal market provided good risk/reward and profit even if the final score had been 0-0!

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Lay the Draw Trading and How to Exploit it (Video Version)

This is the video version of our popular "Lay the Draw Trading and How to Exploit it" article. Everything you need to know to get started with LTD trading.