Betting System Oscars “Overall Winner” (4th Year in a Row!)

Betting System Oscars "Overall Winner"

Fantastic news! Goal Profits has once again been voted "Overall Winner" of the Betting System Oscars by readers of the Lay Back and Get Rich blog.

This has become a bit of an annual event now, since we've won it every year since 2014.

In 2014 we ended up with more than double the number of votes as the runner up, in 2015 we became the first double winners and last year in 2016 we completed the hat-trick.

Lucy Collins even wrote, "Goal Profits, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, has shown every other service out there how it should be done."

It seems that this has continued into 2017 with an even easier win for Goal Profits. We collected more than 40% of the total votes and the next best only got four votes. Not 4%... just 4!

Each year, Kevin and I become more determined to retain our crown as the best product available among all the systems and services out there: betting, trading, matched betting, football, horse racing, tennis, golf, etc, etc.

We expect the competition to get tougher each year, but it hasn't happened... yet.

There's no time to rest on our laurels though. Even though Goal Profits is clearly the best, we're not done improving yet and we have lots of new additions in the pipeline which will benefit all members.

The first of them is a brand new "Custom Shortlist Pro" page which will allow members to have a conversation with Team Stats in order to build a shortlist of fixtures for the day (or even week) ahead.

Perhaps something like, "show me upcoming fixtures in which the home team has scored first more than 60% of the time this season and the away team has lost the first half more than 60% of the time over the last 5 games".

Yes, you can literally plug that sentence into Team Stats and it will build a list of fixtures for you.

Custom Shortlist Pro

Our focus over the coming year will be to make Team Stats even more interactive so that it becomes the must-have time saver which every football trader can't afford to be without. I know that I couldn't possibly find enough hours these days to trade without Team Stats helping me.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for Goal Profits. Kevin and I are blown away by your support - yet again!

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