Trading Seattle Sounders Matches on Betfair has been Great!

Seattle Sounders with soccer ball and goal.

I first traded a Seattle Sounders game in late August, the winter leagues were just starting but MLS was settled and there were lots of goals. I am a night person so the times of the games were just perfect for me. Seattle who have 3 former Premier League players among their ranks were away to Portland and I traded it as an Easy Rider (a trading strategy which is available to all Goal Profits members). I made a small loss in the game when Seattle went 0-3 up halfway through the second half as the home side were chasing the game. Despite the trade losing I was impressed with Seattle’s fast and attacking style of play while being open at the back, perfect for goals! They won 2-4.

The next time Seattle popped up on my radar was a couple of weeks later they were away again to a much weaker side, Chivas. I was on my way to the airport so rather than CS trading I just layed the U4.5 goals before KO and I was rewarded with a 0-4 ht lead, and an opportunity to trade out for over 300%. In the second half Seattle just conceded twice to win 2-4 away again!

Just two weeks go by and the Sounders are away to another MLS side playing attacking football and featuring former Premier League players, the New York Red Bulls. This was a job for Rambo! That’s the name of another trading strategy that Goal Profits members use. This game had a red flag for me as 2 of Seattle’s stars (Dempsey and Martins) started on the bench and only came on in the second half at 0-3 down. But it was a profitable trade again as Seattle went down 4-1 in another goal fest. Only 4 days later and Seattle are away again at Dallas, I decided to play a 2002 trade with Seattle behind at half time and ended up with a small profit from the insurance as Seattle lost 3-1.

Ten days later and Seattle are away again, in Colorado, I decide to Rambo and the target score is hit just before half time! Seattle added another in the second half and won 1-4.

The next time I traded Seattle was a huge game for them, away at the LA Galaxy, their rivals at the top of the league. I was abroad with a relatively poor internet connection but still enjoyed a target score hit relatively early for over 400% profit.

Of course what initially lead me to trade Seattle were stats, but after watching them play I had some extra confidence in trades they were involved in because of their style of football. After the first couple of trades it was also clear who their important players are and it was important to look out for them in the starting line up. I will be looking out for them in the playoffs, but these games sometimes tend to be of a more cagey nature, on the other hand, these guys haven’t played a 0-0 since April 2013!

Guest author: Jonny

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