Review of Amazing 2017 & Look Ahead to Exciting 2018!

Two folders on a desk labelled "2017 review" and "2018 goals"

2017 was a memorable year in many different ways. On a personal level I got married, but also lost my mother to cancer. Lots of ups and downs, but our football trading community is a wonderful place to switch off from outside pressures.

Goal Profits being voted 'Best Product' for the fourth year in a row was a particular highlight!

Back in February, Kevin and I were able to meet up with a number of members and spend the day trading together. That was a lot of fun and we'll be doing something similar early in 2018. Just like last year, it will be free and we'll invite as many of you along as we can fit in the room.

We completely re-wrote 'Launchpad' last year to make it much more helpful for new members, plus we added 'Orbit' to help more experienced traders get to the next level. We have received the most amazing feedback from a number of members who are now making their trading banks work harder than before and ramping up profits. We'll be looking at lots more ways to do that in 2018 and, of course, sharing our experience with you so that you can take advantage too.

Throughout 2017 we continued the development of Team Stats. There's a huge amount of work which goes on behind the scenes, such as managing the various databases and testing new systems, but you will have noticed the major change recently as we added charts to the main Team Stats pages. There's a lot more to come with Team Stats as well, the to do list is longer than ever!

Expect major updates to GP Live! as well as a number of brand new pages which will help you trade ever more profitably.

Trading-wise, I introduced a lower-risk version of CS4. As per Launchpad, you're still far better off trading correct scores in-play, but CS4 is a fun system to use and doing it in the chat room with small stakes is beneficial for new traders. Much more useful to the majority of you though is in-play trading using Team Stats, especially the LTA page.

My trades posted in the chat room during 2017 produced 21.8% ROI which is a truly wonderful return and more than double the 10% I'd settle for! During 2018 I will be sharing even more of my in-play trading experience with you so that you can use Team Stats to pick out strong trades day after day. It really is incredibly easy with a bit of practice.

Over at Trade Your Bets, Kevin added £760 profit to his £30k Challenge during 2017 and Daily Best Bets ended the year strongly. It was a strange last few months as September returned a mammoth profit, then October and November were the first losing months we'd ever had. Thankfully, December bounced back to leave the 2017/18 season nicely in the green.

Those who have followed Daily Best Bets from the start with a £1,000 bank ended 2017 at £2,336 from flat 1pt stakes (set-and-forget). We're about to switch the new email alert system on which will make following DBB even easier. Literally place your bets and job done.

Finally, 2017 was an incredible year for cryptocurrency. It has been literally life-changing for me and I'm so happy that many of you were able to get involved last year too. It was pretty much impossible not to make a massive profit, even for those who thought they had "missed the boat".

Perhaps the biggest win was buying Bitquence (now Ethos) at $0.05. It's now 120x that price at $6.00 so even a small investment has grown substantially within a matter of months and a number of you followed me into that one.

As I explain in the Orbit section of the Members Area, those who trade football for a living do not need their entire bank sitting in Betfair (or anywhere near it). Yes, cryptocurrency is very risky and not suitable for everyone, but there are plenty of other ways to put your bank to work as we shall explore further in 2018.

Coming soon...

I'm going to give away some Bitcoin during January so that you can get started with cryptocurrency investment or add to your existing portfolio. No catch, nothing to sign up to, just some free Bitcoin to invest however you like.

You could even cash it in and buy beer if you like, though that's not going to help you retire early!

2018 is going to be an exciting year for football trading and everything else we win at!

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