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Sports betting is a tough game to crack. As a beginner, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of potential sports, events, markets and wagers available to you - for example, a League Cup game between Hull and Manchester United has more than 70 markets to pick from on Betfair’s Sportsbook service, each of which have multiple outcomes to wager on.

It’s certainly an information overload, particularly so if you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs and sports betting, which will undoubtedly leave you scratching your head as to how anybody manages to make a profit from their wagers.

Many will be put off altogether by the presence of all that there is to take in, giving up on their betting adventure before it even begins, while others will ignore it completely and place a bet without considering the likelihood of their punt actually producing a win.

If you’re wagering based on what team you support, or because the odds would produce a hefty profit, you’re unlikely to make a profit in the long run. Sure, some people do strike it lucky and win large sums of money, but if that was the norm, the bookmakers wouldn’t be in business. For everybody punter that wins big, there are far more that are losing their hard-earned cash.

However, there are ways to ensure that you stay in the green long-term. Even if you are tempted to chase a big payout, you should never wager on a whim - each and every bet you place should be researched first. Of course, sometimes we just don’t have the time to trawl endlessly through Oddschecker looking for that perfect wager, or WhoScored to calculate the chances of an event happening based on past statistics. Although, you’re not alone.

Pop ‘how to make money online’ into Google and I’m sure it won’t take too long for one of the many articles out there to suggest betting. It’s one of the best paid methods (if you do it right) and, unsurprisingly, one of the most popular too.

With such a huge potential network to connect with, there are plenty of professional, long-term betters and traders that are willing to provide their help to those that need it. Some will even go as far as to offer betting tips, standout odds, statistics, bonuses and promotions, which can certainly reduce the time that it takes for you to find the right wager, while also enhancing your potential profits.

A great place to start is Twitter. A simple search for ‘betting tips’ will provide you with hundreds of potential accounts, all of which provide their two cents on where you should be laying your money. Likewise, the social media aspect will allow you to communicate with these experts, as well as their fellow followers, and get an idea of just how good their predictions are.

To get you started, here are 10 Twitter football tipsters for you to check out:


Footy Accumulators is without a doubt the biggest free betting tips accounts on Twitter, with a following of more than 450,000 users, which boasts a strong community spirit - you get the impression that those in charge of the account aren’t just in it to make a quick buck through affiliate links and sign-ups, as they spend a lot of time interacting with their followers. Likewise, the account regularly retweets punters with tough decisions to make to allow other followers to provide their own feedback.

As the name suggests, many of their tips are for accumulator bets, which isn’t necessarily the best way to bet, but they do offer up some valuable tips on single bets, odds and promotions too.


The @Bookieinsiders Twitter profile, including tweets and follower count.

The Bookie Insiders Twitter profile offers a sleek design to appeal to their many followers.

This account boasts tips from those working within the bookmaker industry and claim to have made profits in the thousands since they began back in 2012. Judging by their predictions, they aren’t lying, as correct punts litter their feed. There is a particular focus on football, which is likely to appeal to the majority of their 30,000+ followers. However, there are also regular tips for a range of other sports, covering a number of events and markets.


Pinch Bet don’t interact with their followers as some do, but they certainly make up for it in other areas. Many free Twitter tipsters tend to limit their selections to the top leagues, which is understandable, considering that those events are likely to appeal to the most people. However, Pinch Bet is the perfect Twitter profile to follow if you tend to bet on some of football’s lesser known leagues.

They claim that have grown their bankroll by 3,400% in just 18 months, which is certainly a big increase. However, they are one of few free services that update their followers on losses and they certainly seem to do a good job of limiting them. With daily profit updates, it’s easy to keep track of just how well their picks are paying out.


This account provides a great alternative to other Twitter tipsters, as their tips are always backed up by statistical data. It’s often difficult putting your bankroll’s safety in the hands of somebody else, particularly so when you’re unsure of where they get their information and how well researched it is. However, using WhoScored Tipster reduces some of this worry.

While there is little communication between the account administrator and its followers, as well as little mention of how well their punts perform, it’s always a good idea to consider past statistics before placing a bet, and this Twitter profile offers a solid place to start.


Tipster Metro has been set up by the Metro newspaper as a way to push traffic to their website. You should expect to see plenty of betting related articles on your feed throughout the day about various sports. However, don’t forget - the Metro is one of the UK’s most popular tabloid newspapers and undoubtedly have the resources to ensure that their followers are receiving quality tips.

This account is one of the most well rounded free betting services on the Social Media channel, offering daily tips on everything from football to greyhound racing to darts.

An accumulator betting slip from bookmakers William Hill.

An example of an online accumulator betting slip.


What started as an account for a part-time punter to share his exploits has quickly grown into one of the biggest free football tips accounts available of Twitter. While the Two Pound Punter doesn’t consider himself to be a professional, he currently has more than 25,000 fans following his suggestions.

Two Pound Punt tends to focus on low wager bets, aimed at people who are new to betting, with a particular focus on accumulator bets in order to turn small wagers into big wins. Of course, accumulators can be risky business, but Two Pound Punt does record some decent wins. With tips offered on a number of sports, including football, horse racing, tennis and basketball, there is plenty of selection to choose from.


With more than 320,000 followers, Footy Super Tips is one of the most followed tipster accounts on Twitter. They are also one of the most active accounts out there, updating their feed frequently with free tips, offers, updates and news. With plenty of happy followers tweeting their thanks, Footy Super Tips seem to provide plenty of solid advice.

This account tends to offer accumulator tips, which can be risky if you don’t bet smart, but they often record decent results and are well worth checking now and then.


One of the most active tipsters on Twitter, Betting Buddha has plenty to offer throughout the day, including standard bets and accumulators. Better yet, this is also one of the few accounts to offer in-play tips, offering plenty of opportunities to sneak in some extra profit throughout the day. Likewise, they also recommend daily ‘Double Your Money’ slips, which have resulted in plenty of successes.

It’s often difficult to weed out those that are offering their services for the wrong reasons, but Betting Buddha seems to genuinely enjoy the sport, encouraging plenty of debate and discussion between followers, which is always a perk.


The Winners Enclosure tend to focus on horseracing, but do throw out some football tips every now and then. They don’t offer quite as much in terms of quantity, and you often have to dig through promotional tweets to find what you’re looking for, but going by the numerous happy punters tweeting their thanks for their winning selections, they certainly make up for the lack of quantity with plenty of quality. With more than 140,000 followers, The Winners Enclosure are certainly doing something right.


This one offers a welcomed alternative to the other accounts on this list, as Bet Share is in fact a social media site, designed to match bettors with the very best tipsters and maximise their chances of making a profit. The service aggregates some of the best tipsters on Twitter and ranks them by performance via their three separate platforms - one for horseracing, one for football and once for general betting. While the service is useful, many of the best tips are posted directly to their Twitter account.

Alternative tip sources

Those are just a few Twitter accounts that offer decent tips, but there are plenty more out there that could provide better results for you. Many accounts use different betting methods, different markets, sports and events and it is really just a case of finding ones that work for you.

If Twitter isn’t for you, there are plenty of other places to look for daily free football tips. Football is always a great place to search if you enjoy taking advice for others, as there are hundreds of groups filled with thousands of members that will be more than happy to discuss your wagers, ideas, concerns, or just about any aspect of sports betting.

Of course, like always, you should still proceed with caution when wagering - it’s impossible to know who is behind these pages and it’s difficult to verify whether they have researched their tips thoroughly. Do not take a high number of page likes to mean that it is reputable, as this number can be exploited. Check who is engaging with the page via likes, tags and comments and you should be able to get some idea of whether or not it is trustworthy.

If social media isn’t for you, there are plenty of other websites that you can turn to. A lot of the major bookmakers even offer up their own selection of free betting tips. Sky Bet, for example, offer a number of daily tips from Sky Sports' punditry staff.

Pundits Ed Chamberlin, Alex Hammond and Jamie Redknapp standing next to the Sky Sports logo.

Sky Bet's betting tips blog offers a number of free selections from Sky Sports' punditry team.

You may not get the same quality of information as you would from a professional bettor, as bookmakers are unlikely to encourage their customers to take advantage of mispriced odds, for example, but these blogs certainly offer up some value.

Alternatively, if you are determined to earn as much as you can from sports betting, you should consider opting for a paid service, such as Goal Profits. While these free services are extremely helpful, they can only take you so far. Our service will provide you with help and support from expert traders and people in a similar situation to you. You will also be given access to football trading courses, developed to take your earnings to the next level, as well as team statistics software that helps to simplify the selection process - soon enough, you won’t have to turn to Twitter for free football tips, as you will be too busy finding your own.

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  1. Recommend @FST ? Are you serious? Probably Twitter’s most notorious affiliate rip off merchants. They’ve literally made hundreds of thousands from their followers losing bets. Piss poor form from GS putting these gits on a recommend list.

    1. Hi Neol

      The article lists 10 free Twitter tipsters to check out, nothing more than that. FootySuperTips have a huge following so must be doing something that people like. I’m sure that no-one expects free tipsters to make them a long-term profit, but they are popular for some reason.

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